Ancient Learner 16:25 13 May 2005

There have been discussions in the past.

Is it still true to say, that, here at least, the R200 is the preferred best. I see from Amazon's site that the whereas the R300 prints edge to edge the R200 doesn't, is that correct? There is little difference in the cost now and they seem to use the same cartridges.

And the R800, has anyone plunged for this, and if so what is it like in use?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:31 13 May 2005

AFAIK I know the only diffrence twixt the 200 and 300 is that the 300 has a monochrome setup screen which I have never used. I am v.impressed with the 300 and you can get 2 sets (12 cartridges) of compatible inks and an extra black one for £28.99 less 17.5% from click here ( type coupon code 1383 at checkout to get the 17.5% off). I use the compatibles for colour photo prints and there is no difference from the originals. Postage is fee as well.


  Ancient Learner 16:50 13 May 2005


Thanks for your comments and the link for cartridges. I haven't yet bought, as I want to be sure.

  pj123 17:22 13 May 2005

I have the R200 and as far as I know the only difference between that and R300 is the R300 accepts Camera cards direct, but I have an Epson 895 which does that, so I don't need it on the R200. Mine prints borderless (edge to edge) prints, and as with the R300 will print direct to CD/DVD. Yes the cartridges are the same. I get mine from Choice Stationery as GANDALF <|:-)> has already said.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 13 May 2005 far as I know. ;-))


  Ancient Learner 17:37 13 May 2005

Thanks again. That settles it.

But AFAIK. Sorry, but if it relates to me in some way, I can't think how! :))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:07 13 May 2005

As Far As I Know = AFAIK (acronym) ;-)))

  spuds 18:38 13 May 2005

Settle for the R300. A superb machine.

  jack 20:11 13 May 2005

R300 super super
I got my R300 because th eold 750 died and at that time that was the only one avaiable- the 200 came later- I've never used the card slots preferring to edit pix first.

R800 is a differnt baby though of the same heritage is designed to use Pigment inks - a bit specialist as the price indicates.

  Ancient Learner 20:22 13 May 2005

Sorry GANDALF <|:-)>, I've always had a blind spot as far as acronyms are concerned, indeed, they never occur to me unless they are spelt out:-))

My HP 950C has just conked out, and refuses to acknowledge its colour cartridge no matter what I do, including putting a new spare in. So to the dustbin I reckon, but it has given me good service.

  Totally-braindead 22:40 13 May 2005

The R200 would get my vote, the only difference I believe is the R300 has the card reader as others have said and both of them print edge to edge, personally I'd not use the card reader much so I'd get a R200.

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