Epson Stylus R 800 or R 300

  [DELETED] 13:02 19 Sep 2004

After much thought about which new replacement printer to buy, I am down to one of either these two.

My main interest is to be able to print good prints of photos. I have got fed up with my HP 950C which was all the rage n years ago and need a change. But is the R800 worth the extra cost of both the machine and the inks? Has anyone got any feelings about it please.

  [DELETED] 13:49 19 Sep 2004

Nither of your choises here but worth a look click here

  [DELETED] 15:11 19 Sep 2004

The R300 is the R200 with some fancy bits added. The R800 is the R300 with more fancy bits added.

These fancy bits aren't necessary if you have a reasonable computer to attach the printer to.

The big selling point of the R range of printers is their ability to print on to printable CD and DVDs.

Their photo printing quality is excellent for a printer of that price range.

  [DELETED] 15:55 19 Sep 2004

I agree with €dstowe. I have the Epson R200 and it prints excellent photos (using the right paper of course) and borderless as well. It also prints direct to CDs, although I haven't tried that yet. click here and click here
and also click here

Make up your own mind and don't pay more than you need to get the same quality prints.

Also check out Choice Stationery for compatible ink cartridges for these printers at click here

  [DELETED] 16:22 22 Sep 2004

Thank you for the comments. It seems to be a matter of you pays your money and it may be worth the extra.

  [DELETED] 20:13 22 Sep 2004

curry's has the r300 for £99 at the moment and you can get compatable ink carts at £15 a set

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