Epson Stylus CX 3600 great printer

  Europa 19:56 19 Mar 2005

I've just had my Epson CX 3600 delivered this afternoon. Very easy to install with Setup Guide, I just got some graphics printed (no photographs yet), I am very satisfied with the printing result, I think at £70, this is the best buy I had done in a long time. Just to let you Know I am a very happy bunny today.
Just one question is bothering me a bit. What is the difference between the CX3600 and the CX3650?
They look the same to me.

  Pesala 00:18 20 Mar 2005

Important notice for International customers

The Stylus CX3600 is sold as the Stylus CX3500 in Africa, Israel and the Middle East. Bundled software may differ from above. Please note that the Stylus CX3500 uses different ink cartridges to the Stylus CX3600.

  Europa 11:39 20 Mar 2005

It doesn't say nothing about the difference of specifications between the CX3600 (or CX3500) and the CX 3650. There must be, or why have 2 different names for the same product?

  spuds 12:50 20 Mar 2005

Europa-- Usually market forces. Curry's and the like can have an 'exclusive' with a different model number to a similar product.

Regarding your original question,someone else raised a similar question recently. I tried to obtain various reviews, but it resulted in a still mystery situation.

  pj123 13:26 20 Mar 2005

Here is the spec of CX3650: click here

Check it against yours and see if you can spot the difference.

Sometimes it is as spuds says. eg. The Epson C42 UX and C42 Plus are the same except you can only buy the C42 Plus from PC World (not now of course, been superceded). Maybe that's the case here between CX3600 and CX3650?

  Europa 19:30 20 Mar 2005

This will be another question without answer, I suppose. Thank you all for your feedback.

  Wuggy 22:44 25 Mar 2005

Purchased the Epson CX3650 last week from my local Currys who matched the web price of £69.99. As others have found the printer is first class. Only point I have to raise is that although I have done very little colour printing the levels of the the individual colour cartridges show as exactly the same as the black cartridge which has done most of the work.However I can live with that. it prints, it scans and it copies - copying without PC being tirned on - and the results are excellent. I am about to buy one for my daughter who is at university (another small expense in a mountain of expenses).

  stinkyeye 03:19 26 Mar 2005

I would never buy another epson on principle,printers from them are fine until they croak.2 epsons died for the same reason and at same age,i saw a friend of mine she had the same model die at the same age for same reason,+ink prices are disgusting, i know you can reset chips or refill self.Thats not the point
cheers pete

  Europa 11:48 26 Mar 2005

stinkeye, which Epson model died on you and how old the little bugger was? Sometimes one particular model or batch develop a fault during manufacturing, and all the models of that batch will have the same problems, it can happens with anything (including cars).
I have done colour printing mostly (and had excellent printing results) and the levels of the individual cartridges are all different, with the colours showing a lower level than black. As for the price of ink, in Argos if you buy original cartridges, a Durabrite Quad Pack costs £34.99, but they do compatible Quad Pack cartridges at £19.99, and I'm sure I still cand find cheaper. I still can't find any difference between the 3600 and the 3650, some shops sell one or the other(I've never seen the two models sold in the same shop). I think that both models are good value for money.

  spuds 12:44 26 Mar 2005

Inks, I find these reasonable with good supplies and prompt delivery click here

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