Epson Stylus C46 or C66?

  wednesday 13 13:34 19 Apr 2005

I am soon purchasing a new inkjet printer and narrowed it down to these two. C66 for better performance but C46 is a more reasonable price. Which of the 2 would you recomend?

  Aspman 15:13 19 Apr 2005

None of them. the Cartriges are too dear.

What about a Canon IP1500.
It uses BCI-24 Black and BCI-24 Colour cartriges the same as my Canon MP-260.

I picked up a black/colour twin pack for 1.99+ Vat from last week (if you buy 5 packs at a time, listed under Canon S200). £12 for 10 carts isn't bad at all and I've never had a problem with them. Black carts are 99p + vat for 5 or more with free 2nd class postage.

True I wouldn't print important pictures with 3rd party carts (the colours are a little muted) but for day to day use why pay £15 for 1 black Epson cart.

You have always got to consider the running costs with inkjets and the costs are very high for cheap inkjets.

  pj123 16:44 19 Apr 2005

Again none of them. They are old printers.

Try the Epson R200 click here

Get replacement inks from Choice Stationery.

click here

  wednesday 13 17:51 19 Apr 2005

I can get cheaper cartridges at click here

  pj123 18:06 19 Apr 2005

Well just checked that site out. 1 black cartridge works out at £3.20 .93 plus Shipping at £1.79 plus VAT at .48

Not comparative at all.

  Totally-braindead 18:10 19 Apr 2005

It depends what you want it for. In my opinion the C66 is a better printer than the C46 but if its for photos then the R200 pj123 recommends is good, much better than the other two for photos anyway.

  Totally-braindead 18:15 19 Apr 2005

I've just been checking out that site as well, for my printer the black cart works out at £2.89 and Choice is £3.49, both including P&P so I suppose it depends what printer you have.

  Pooke100 19:33 19 Apr 2005

C46 is a no go, ancient! The c66 is a nice little printer, good quality photos even when using compatibles at £2.00 each.

A neighbour has an R300 Epson he got from PC World for £79.00 and it's outstanding, I haven't seen better. Compatibles are readily available for it too. It prints straight to onto cds, and has built in memory card readers.


  bibo1465 07:35 20 Apr 2005


I used to have Epson printer,i hate them so much, and the price for the ink so dear , instead i bought HP 720c,which i like it so much,it is so good and so quick printing black and white,and note bad printer colour,HP is very good printers.

You don't have to buy ink from the company how produce the printer. you can buy them from,they are so cheap,or from other online retailer.

Be careful if you want to buy new printer and take extended warranty,if something happen to the printer,the warranty will be void if you are using this ink,(only if you want to take extended warranty)

good luck

  wednesday 13 12:28 20 Apr 2005

I find canon cheapest and Hp dear along side lexmark.

  wednesday 13 12:29 20 Apr 2005

I was getting that as a back up plan

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