epson replacement printer gone wrong again!!!!!!!!

  [DELETED] 15:29 13 Dec 2003

I have another problem with my replacement epson printer, which has failed to work from day one and the original made it to 3 months, now where do I stand as far as if this keeps happening can I get my money back? if I feel that its starting to get beyond a joke? and is the best policy at the moment to take it back to the epson service centre where i got it from? any help welcome

  [DELETED] 16:08 13 Dec 2003

Yes, take it back and they're obliged to give you one which works. However, maybe it's just a driver issue in which case... if you post the probs in helproom forum folks might get it up and running.

  Forum Editor 19:06 13 Dec 2003

what the problem is? It's very unusual for a new printer not to work, and extremely unusual for a second one to fail. I'm not for a moment saying it can't happen - just that there may be some underlying problem which one of us might spot.

  sil_ver 20:07 13 Dec 2003

This wouldn't be an Epson 830U would it

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