Epson R220 Compatible cartridges

  Sirpad 16:21 18 Dec 2005

Can anyone tell the best place to get compatible cartridges for my Epson R220 printer? Cheap is obviously good as long as they are of good quality!

  pj123 17:01 18 Dec 2005

Well the obvious place is Choice Statinery

click here

I have an Epson R200 and get all my ink and special paper from Choice.

Never had a problem.

  Stuartli 18:34 18 Dec 2005


click here

or a still to be fully proven outlet:

click here

  Sirpad 09:26 19 Dec 2005

Thank guys......just found a good deal on the R220 at Pixmania but it didn't include cartridges. Still a good deal though. Will check out those sites you gave me today!

  Stuartli 09:51 19 Dec 2005

Pixmania is French based - my advice would be to use a UK supplier as returns can prove even more of a problem as I once found out with such companies...:-)

  Sirpad 11:01 19 Dec 2005

Thanks Stuartli.

By chance there is a thread at the moment in Consumerwatch that addresses Pixmania and the problems with it being French based.

For anyone reading this it would worth checking out this thread click here

  Totally-braindead 11:59 19 Dec 2005

A friend of mine bought a digital camcorder from pixmania, when it arrived some of the advanced features weren't quite right and he eventually found out that the camera was the French model and was slightly different from the UK spec. This should not be a problem with the printer but I too would not use pixmania due to the returns procedure. Better to stick with a UK supplier click here out of stock at the moment or click here 63 in stock

  Stuartli 13:01 19 Dec 2005

Strange that - not available there a week ago...:-)

Virtually every well known online store I tried brought a blank at the time, which is why I ended up with an R300.

  Totally-braindead 13:08 19 Dec 2005

Perhaps the order just came in, the website definatly says they are now in stock. But 61 now.

  Stuartli 13:28 19 Dec 2005

If you think you are paying too much for your compatibles have a look at:

click here ...:-)

  Stuartli 15:05 19 Dec 2005

Just for interest I got my R300 delivered to the door for £92 and it included the USB cable, which normally has to be purchased separately.

Argos sells the R300 at £99.99 plus a tenner for the USB cable along with, I presume, a delivery charge...:-)

It has dropped the price of the R220 from £85 to £70, but it cannot be delivered from an online order, although it's possible to reserve it at an Argos outlet (a system I've found in the past works well and saves time).

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