Epson Printer C62.

  flowerdew 16:40 09 Aug 2003

I followed advice in this mag. to purchase the above model. When working, the resultant output is good. The problem is lack of consistant performance. Out of alignment, and more regularly ink blocks. What is the general experience? Have I been sold a lemon or are others having this kind of hassle. The ink used up doing checks nearly exceeds that used for proper jobs. I previously used Epson Stylus 300 - still going and never needs any corrective action. Has Epson lost the plot or what? PC advisor tested this m/c. What sort of test one wonders? Beware the magazine advice! Am i being unfair. Flowedew.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 09 Aug 2003

I have recently purchased 2 0f these printers for friends and they do not exhibit any of the problems which seem to afflict yours.

Magazine advice is based on a supplied item, as car tests are based on the testing of one journalists' car. This should be bourne in mind and further reviews should be looked at. If the test item works well then the magazine will say so. There are instances when a test item has been a lemon and magazines always report this.

I would suggest that you delete the printer, shut down the computer, restart and put the driver disk in to reload the printer programme. When reloaded, restart the computer but leave the disk in. Ensure that your AV and firewall is turned off before reloading the drivers.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:17 09 Aug 2003

ps...I would carefully check that the ink carriage and ink cartridges are correctly installed, the number of problem printers that I see, which have incorrectly installed cartridges, is legend.


  bidders_dad 18:03 09 Aug 2003

I own an Epson C62 and have no problems other than when using damp paper. I also use 3 other Epson printers all different models from A3 sized to an old Epson with multiple paper bins and paths, the only thing I have to do is remember to use each and everyone at least once a week to stop the ink from drying up on the nozzle but running the ink nozzle cleaning utility usually gets them back to normal.

  krypt1c 19:05 09 Aug 2003

I also have a C62 and to date had no problems. Maybe you've just been unlucky ;-]

  The Idle one 20:08 09 Aug 2003

I have had no real problems - seems fairly economic in ink.
only problem i have is a slight blue tinge on printing b/white pics.

  Bapou 21:42 09 Aug 2003

No problems here, excellent value.

  flowerdew 13:28 10 Aug 2003

Thanks for all responses. I now have a clearer picture. I will next talk to Epson. Flowerdew.

  Andybear 13:34 10 Aug 2003

I'm having the same problems as you, particularly as regards the ink being used up doing checks - and it's a replacement - the C62 I bought in January jammed up a couple of months ago and I ended up with a critical error so Epson replaced it. My original one had the same problems. I spend more time and ink on doing checks, aligning the cartridges etc than actually printing out. The interesting thing is that it's the black ink I have the problem with. The colour's always fine.

  fitcher 15:28 10 Aug 2003

I had the epson 440 before this c 62
and I thought it was a good printer .realy I did not need to upgrade to the c62 .I have had colour
heads blocking and nozzle cleaning more with the 62 ..maybe the warm weather has to do with it
I used to cover the printer with a clothe but that could dry it out .the reason I used a clothe .was the time I went to fix a friends printer and found a pencil had dropped into the opening top .and there is always dust around any computer .I now use clear plastic bag ..see you all .

  shifty 12:12 11 Aug 2003

My daughter gave up on her C62 after excessive use of ink in the cleaning process and with inconsistancy with colour output. She's reverted back to an HP printer which looking at the cartridge prices should cost more to run, but it doesn't go through a cleaning process or suffer from banding on the prints like the C62.

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