Epson Premium Glossy Paper - Wheres cheapest?

  Muckleface 21:12 24 Jun 2003


Where is the cheapest place to buy Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper from?

The cheapest Ive found is £12.10 for 20 sheets inc. delivery.

Anyone know of cheaper?


  Bebee 21:23 24 Jun 2003

What size is that?

  Muckleface 22:01 24 Jun 2003



  Danoh 22:19 24 Jun 2003

£ 20.49 for 50 A4 sheets ~ last autumn

  sil_ver 22:24 24 Jun 2003

Try click here (Epson SO41140)

  Agent Smith 22:26 24 Jun 2003
  broggs 22:48 24 Jun 2003

Try Argos for xerox glossy photo paper.If you are prepared to wait a while for the ink to dry on this paper you will get better results and quality all for £9.89 for 50 a4 sheets.

  Danoh 00:44 25 Jun 2003

Wow!! £ 4.45 + 95p p&p for 20 sheets is a great price!!
click here

I hear that its best to stay with matching the same inks and paper for the best photo results.

Has anyone tried the Ghiant Inkjet Fixative aerosol sprays? Does that react with the inks?

  Danoh 14:03 25 Jun 2003

7DayShop appears to have a reputation for slow delivery! click here

  -pops- 14:17 25 Jun 2003

The slow delivery is because they are based in the Channel Islands. They use modern technology (email) to take your order but, to keep costs low, they use an almost prehistoric ferry to transport to the mainland.

They are reliable, I use them often but, give them time to deliver:-))


  Bagsey 16:49 25 Jun 2003

You are dead right they are slow, but if you are not in a hurry then I doubt if you will find cheaper on most things. Channel Islands mean no VAT.which has got to be good. I also find them to be very reliable but as I say dont be in a hurry.

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