Epson Perfection 3490 scanner

  Sirpad 15:27 08 Dec 2005

Does anyone out there have one of these? I've been searching for a decent scanner for around £60 and found this one.

What I am MOST interested in is the quality of scanned slides.

  GaT7 17:46 08 Dec 2005

I reckon you'll do much better with a dedicated film/slide scanner, or a more 'highend' flatbed scanner with film/slide support.

The 3490 is exactly the one I've been thinking of getting myself, but I'm not interested in the quality of scanned slides.

Some good reviews for the 3490 click here, click here & click here.

The Canon 4200F has similar specs & price. Independent reviews click here & click here (this one is not good), & user reviews click here & scroll down.

I'm more inclined towards the Epson, mainly because it has a shorter depth - 41.9cm as against the Canon's 47.3cm. G

  Sirpad 00:57 09 Dec 2005

Thanks for the thumbs up Crossbow.

I went ahead and bought the 3490 tonight. Will update this post again next week when I get it and try it out!

  pj123 17:54 09 Dec 2005

I have the Epson Perfection 3170 Photo scanner. (Roughly the same as the 3490).

I also have a dedicated Film/Slide scanner.

Since getting the Epson I have never used the dedicated film/slide scanner as I find the Epson is so much better.

click here for the epson 3170 and click here for the epson 3490

  GaT7 19:40 09 Dec 2005

I thought the 3170 was far superior as it costs almost 3 times more than the 3490.

You're just the person to ask this to (I hope!) - what scan resolution is necessary to, for example, be able to print a reasonably good 9"x6" picture with the resultant scan?

Also, I read somewhere someone scanning at 3200x6400 (or 4800x9600?) & getting a 5Gb (not 5Mb) file as a result!! Is this true? Now, who (in their right mind) is going to waste so much of space one ONE pic even if he/she had a 500Gb hard drive? 100 such pics & your monster HD is full!

Why are they making such high res scanners if the maximum most homeusers are realistically going to need is much less? Are we being fools to buy?

I've scanned a 7"x5" positive at 1200x1200 (with my previous scanner) & got a 28Mb file. Even this seems too much as those Boots DIY machines take ages to read the disc (CD-RW in this instance) or sometimes crashes the machine (it needs to be reset by the staff!).

And if I'm going to upload pics to an online photo site for printing, at 28Mb a pic it's no joke even with broadband (I'm aware the res can be changed prior to uploading).

Your thoughts about the above - or anyone else's - would be most welcome. I found this very useful site click here, but I'm none the wiser. G

  GaT7 19:41 09 Dec 2005


  pj123 11:46 10 Dec 2005

Crossbow7, sorry for the late reply.

I have never scanned anything at more than 300dpi and get good prints up to 10 x 8 (not exhibition quality but good enough to frame and hang on the wall). I use Paint Shop Pro to scan rather than the Epson software that came with the scanner. That way I can make lots of alterations to the scans before finally printing.

I have done A4 borderless prints (not from film or slides) on the R200 but there is some deterioration around the edges but still acceptable.

I have two Epson printers, and 895 and an R200 both of which give quality photo prints, and I use Choice Stationery for the ink and the glossy paper.

  GaT7 16:17 10 Dec 2005

Thanks pj123, that gives me a lot of hope : )) I have to get a new scanner as the old one died on me a few weeks ago.

Sirpad - "Will update this post again next week when I get it and try it out!" - that'll be excellent : ) Ta, G

  Sirpad 18:28 10 Dec 2005

Killed two birds with the one stone as I was also wondering about the Epson R200 printer and I see you give it the thumbs up pj123.

I see you guys were having a little chat in my post. I think that's fine...more info for me. Some people get quite annoyed with this...about time people chilled out a little.

  SINDASOX 16:39 27 Dec 2005

Sirpad, What is your verdict on the Epson 3490 then mate, as i have been looking to purchase the same scanner.

Also crossbow mentioned earlier on in this thread about scanning at 3200 X 6400 and the getting a HUGE file on your hard drive, can anyone else elaborate on this....?????


  GaT7 18:22 27 Dec 2005

click here - see last post by Gongoozler. G

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