Epson Perfection 1670 photo scanner

  Elrond 13:29 31 Oct 2003

Hi, I'm thinking of getting the above scanner for my g/f as a christmas pressie, she does loads of photo scanning etc for her degree. Basically just after any comments on it if you've used or owned one. It sounds Ideal for the use the g/f will get from it, so just after confirmation of how good it is. Cheers

  slysy 19:33 31 Oct 2003

I have a Perfection 1660 Photo and have been very impressed with the results.

It was bought mainly on because of its resolution and the fact it had the easiest to use negative holder we had seen amongst other choices.

It has been used to scan in the negatives from our wedding photographer and then print out on photo paper so that we could give them as gifts.
Very little diffence on comparison, but this depends on the scan setup and the printer.

Very impressed with the software, the OCR functions works well with different types of text and it makse a handy photocopier.

I would recommend this scanner, purely on experience and satisfaction of use.


Sly SY

  canard 20:37 31 Oct 2003

Ooh,doesn't it sound good! The two cheapest listed are sold by Savastore and Dabs, neither of which are in favour with PCA readers. Anyone got a suggestion for a reliable supplier?

  Elrond 20:40 31 Oct 2003

I've been generally happy with my purchases from Watford/Savastore so will probably use them anyway.

  Sir Radfordin 23:41 31 Oct 2003

Dabs are fine if you don't have problems! I would still be happy to buy from them.

Epson Scanners have been easy to use in my experience and I'm sure teh 1670 is no different.

  Spencus 21:15 01 Nov 2003

Top ten scanners (including the 1670) reviewed click here

  Patr100 22:11 01 Nov 2003

Having read a couple of good reviews , I had a Perfection Photo 1250 at work with XP. Scans were Ok but I found it agonisingly slow to warm up or change scan type and the software was confusing and unintuitve although it seems I am the exception, I am highly unlikely to buy another Epson Scanner.

  -Beb- 23:00 01 Nov 2003

i reckon ebuyer are pretty good and VERY cheap. They even let buyers put their own rating of the products on the website. The 1670 has had some very good reviews on the site. The website is click here

  plankton 16:20 04 Nov 2003

What system are you running with your 1660, which USB's are you attached to, did you have any trouble setting it up, and if so how did you get round it? (I've currently got a thread running full of my here which I can't seem to resolve). The scanner IS good though.....

  canard 17:20 04 Nov 2003

This looked the perfect xmas pressie for my eldest. He sent me to Jessops to check up and the nice young man thinks I need the ?200 Canon because it has a film box for all the old family box cam negs and will do the slides and it has maxi DPI and 48 bit. I'd be grateful for readers views on this and on scanners for the contents of shoeboxes with 50 years accumulation of negs and slides [other than the 2G+ model] which need saving fast if they're to be saved at all.

  canard 17:36 04 Nov 2003

click here This was the scanner Jessops recommended for all those ancient family negs and slides.

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