Epson old for new swap

  Pirate56 21:11 23 Apr 2003

I had a problem with a Stylus Photo 830 printer which was only 4 months old. Epson came out on site and as it was not possible to repair it on site, exchanged it for a "graded" 830. This is one that has been refurbished in France, reboxed and sent out with the engineers to replace faulty machines under warranty. I feel that I am getting a secondhand printer in exchange for a new one which was faulty. I have e-mailed Epson but have had no response at all. For a company with the reputation of Epson I feel it is a disgrace.

  piggy 21:55 23 Apr 2003

I too had a printer replaced by Epson under warranty with a refurb, It has performed perfectly for 3 years of hard work and many thousands of prints. It's still on the go with a new owner, and personaly I would not be too concerned about it. For a company with the reputation of Epson I dont think they would take the chance of sending out a dodgy replacement.


  pj123 22:15 23 Apr 2003

I would have to agree with piggy. As long as it works and does the job - why worry?

I bought a secondhand Epson printer and, when I got it home and connected, it didn't work. I rang Epson and they posted me another one immediately, and took the old one away. It is still working today.

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:28 23 Apr 2003

Don't think its a major problem, they normally do this and I've never known any problems to occur. With most things like this faults normally develop fairly quickly so if it last 6 months its likely to last a while.

  davidg_richmond 00:05 24 Apr 2003

it may be second-hand, but it is repaired, refurbished and tested and is essentially brand-new. at the end of the day if they did repair yours, you would have an ex-repair, used product anyway

  anchor 09:31 24 Apr 2003

Some years ago a similar thing happened with my Epson 700. The replacement is still going strong.

  rickf 14:13 24 Apr 2003

A refurbished one is just as good as a new one.

  Stalker 15:49 24 Apr 2003

Epson are actually in the right here. If they wanted to, after the first month of ownership, like most manufacturers, they could take the printer "off your hands" for upto a month whilst they repaired it and then returned it to you again. which is virtually the same as having a refurb but taking much longer!

A Refurb could be a printer thats not even printed a single page outside of epson because it was DOA, so u might actually be getting a brand new printer.

So i would be more than delighted if they have given you a refurb.


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