Epson ecotank printers

  Sapins 09:46 05 Oct 2014

Can the latest epson printers really tell which ink you put in? I know they can detect compatible cartridges but ink!

  spuds 12:59 05 Oct 2014

I might not be following the same technology, but what information that I have obtained, seems that the Epson ecotank idea is based on the old idea of refillables.

I use CISS and refillables cartridges on my various printer's, and have never yet had any problems with the inks I use.

Some printer's can detect compatibles (via chip), but in most cases this can be overcome.

  Sapins 19:41 05 Oct 2014

The "new" printers use a CISS but in a box by the side of the printer. A CISS is very much cheaper than the cost of the printer with one fitted. I will stick to compatibles and just reset the counter as needed. Thanks for your reply spuds.

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