epson dx 7450 ink

  project 90 20:44 12 Jan 2010

happy new year to all 1stly,

now my trouble, my fiance tried to print off a letter today on her printer, printer came up with a warning saying magenta ink was out, the leter its black writing, so i was wondering why wont it let me print in black only?.
i set printer to use black only but still nothing, i was saying to her its a nice little earner they got going you need all your colours to print in black ect. i was joking at the time but after an hour of looking abut in the printer options it looks as if i was correct.
how are they allowed to do this? you know what this is like? its like the 4L of motor oil you get 4 your car services even though most cars take 4.5 - 5 litres, so you have to buy the big tub and a little tub costing you upto £60 if you get good stuff.

i bow my head to these companies they truly know how to rip the honest consumer off.

  MAJ 22:48 12 Jan 2010

It's one of the reasons why I wont buy an Epson printer, project 90, another reason is because the printhead is on the printer and can easily clog, get damaged or wear out, unlike my HP printer were the printhead is on the cartridge, so new cartridge, new printhead.

  ame 23:46 12 Jan 2010

I don't think you need to worry that much. I have a DX4400 which uses the same "Cheetah" inks. Buy some Jettec compatibles from click here or similar retail sites that others will recommend (search this site) and you won't lose anything. Once you replace the magenta cartridge all will be well, I suspect. Be careful - some compatibles may not work unless you replace all cartridges at once first time round, because of the chip on the cartridge. Jettecs should work ok 1st time by replacing the one cartridge that is empty. Good luck...

  project 90 17:11 13 Jan 2010

well the printer not geting used for any professional pictures more for college work and letters ect.
also maj we only got the thing cos its an all in 1 and cheap at the time, but if we come to buy a new 1 i be sure to keep HP in mind :D

just think something should be done to these comapnies to stop this happening, with al this BS on global warming and recycling. you would think the government would want to make these comapinies clean up there act with out producing millions of cartridges that waste away in like a month of use.

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