Epson CX3200 - No ink. Can't scan to file!?!?!?

  Adey P 11:15 16 Dec 2003

My Epson CX3200 multifunction device has run out of ink.

That's not a problem as I don't actually need to print anything right now. However, I do need to scan some documents.

I can't scan, because I have no ink, according to Epson Technical Support that's how the device works. There is no mention of this in the manual or on the box.

I think I have grounds to return the device as not fit for purpose.

Does anyone have any comments on this?


  Adey P 11:20 16 Dec 2003

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Initial Question/Comment: Why can I no longer scan to file using my CX3200 just because the black ink has run out?
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Rachael says, Welcome to EPSON e-Talk. My name is Rachael
You say, Hi Rachael
Rachael says, hi Adey
You say, Did you see my initial query?
Rachael says, the unit requires all cartridges installed and registering ink,
Rachael says, If the cartridges empty or not installed there will be a Red error light on the printer to indicate this. When there is a red light on the printer it will not function. Please note: When trying to print to an EPSON printer with an empty or uninstalled cartridge it will cause a Communication error on your computer. To resolve this error simply install or replace the required cartridge.
You say, even though all I want to do is scan some documents?
Rachael says, yes - as the unit still sees no ink as a error - even if you want to scan only or print in one colour only
You say, mmm - this seems software driven to me. There must be a way to allow a consumer to scan documents even though an ink cartridge is empty
You say, There is no mention of this in the manual
You say, I now cannot use my 'multi-function' device until I get an ink cartridge that I don't need right now
You say, Thanks for your help Rachael - I understand you can do nothing more - I will be taking up this matter with the competition commission and also getting it highlighted in PC Advisor
Rachael says, The printer uses Epson intelligent ink cartridges, fitted with an 'IC' chip, when a cartridge is registered empty the unit will not respond
Rachael says, thank you for your comments Adey.
Rachael says, Thank you for using EPSON e-Talk - bye for now- Merry Christmas
You say, I understand that - but why disable the scanner when I don't actually want to print anything?
You say, Merry Christmas
Rachael says, i can see your point - it does seem strange, however this is how the unit functions
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  Jester2K II 13:33 16 Dec 2003

Rachael has gone done a runner.....

Does seem a bit stupid. Like you car working cos its got no washer fluid....

  Adey P 14:32 16 Dec 2003

I see no practical reason for it. I see a nefarious business reason for it - buy ink now! or you can't use our machine!

  flowerdew 20:23 17 Dec 2003

I have had problems with this policy of building in, so called, inteligent cartridges. Whatever the sales people say, they have only one purpose. Pouring as much over priced ink thro. the machine as possible and ensuring the darned things will not work unless there is ink being used. They also introduce the risk of bad connection problems etc. and are a terrible idea. I have a 'Zapper', a device that resets the chip to think it is full. It does work, you can have an empty cartridge showing as full on the computer in no time. It may help you to scan? It cost £7. I believe this type of ink scam to be a terrific rip off. They are all at it. We should not buy the darned stuff, we only have ourselves to blame.

  Adey P 12:00 18 Dec 2003

Where do you get this 'zapper' from?


Saw one in Morrisons the other day.

  The Spires 15:42 18 Dec 2003

You could also keep a few cartridges in the cupboard as one thing have found with Epsons is if the heads do dry up it's not a easy task to get them running on all cylinders again. @ £2.70 ish each from click here it's not a great problem. I do see your point regarding the scanner/ink relationship, but a printer with no ink in is not a useful device either :-)

  The Spires 15:46 18 Dec 2003

P.S. you can do various things with this utility, (most useful for all Epson owners) click here when installed it runs from the taskbar.

  The Spires 15:46 18 Dec 2003

P.S. you can do various things with this utility, (most useful for all Epson owners) click here when installed it runs from the taskbar.

  Adey P 18:20 18 Dec 2003

Now I have ink, but it isn't an 'Epson' branded cartridge. The printer works fine, but the printer tells me that the ink cartridge is not an Epson cartridge and shows a constant error which stops the scanner from working.

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