Epson 830 failures

  sil_ver 15:04 17 Nov 2003

Having been a user of epson printers for a number of years I am rather disappointed with my latest purchase of the Epson 830. It was replaced promptly after failing within the first 6 months (faulty ink pump). The replacement has also now failed with probably the same fault. I hie me to my local agent who said that altho' it was out of original warranty by about a week they did not expect Epson to quibble about a replacement but said they didn't have one only to be informed by a colleague that two new ones had arrived. Both printers were checked out and also found to be faulty, so I wait now (about 2 days they said) for a new one. As you will appreciate my confidence is not very high regarding this model. As an aside, I asked the engineer about the failure rate of this model, he said "let us say, of all returns, this model has the highest failure rate". This could be misleading as the sales figures must be taken into account. I just thought, anybody thinking of buying this model might like to take on board my comments. Now to my question. Does anyone know a corporate address that I can write to, to complain at the highest level?

  sil_ver 15:58 17 Nov 2003

Thanks for that. Hope they understand English

  sil_ver 22:26 17 Nov 2003

Letter winging its way as we speak

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