Entry level PC for Grandchild Recommendation ?

  jimmilk 16:11 18 Mar 2005

I am looking for a superbudget PC for my grandson.
Something with a reasonable spec but nothing vital except possibly as good a graphics card as possible at those price levels :-)
He will be a little at sea if anything goes seriously wrong as he wont get much help at home so a good warrenty/help facility would be useful

  Starfox 16:27 18 Mar 2005

One suggestion is to click here

  gum 17:28 18 Mar 2005

Cheack dell for pc.I paid £500 pounds for my pc and is very pleased with it.good luck

  Diemmess 18:07 18 Mar 2005

I have been chided on this forum for my various grandchildren being allowed to infest their computers with malware!

The infestations were really rather innocent. Older grandsons were into Mp3 and similar, while all were keen to load chat software. Their parents were careful, but even so muggins was called in to sort out the mess!

A huge double edged sword is the Internet. You say there will be little home support. As long as this problem is only lack of familiarity by inexperienced adults (the parents) then a budget buy is just where this place can help.

If you are uncertain of how much the parents WANT to oversee for themselves, invent an excuse and back away for a year or so.

  jimmilk 18:34 18 Mar 2005

He is 12 and the problem is a single parent family with NOOOOOOOOOO computer knowledge, I live a couple of hours away so if he has an email I can help.
I have been looking at Dell but they all have so many bolt ons that my thin knowledge is stretched.
For example why would he need an IEEE 1394 ADAPTOR and what is the advantage of a Fax/Voice Modem over a Fax Modem I assume you cant talk by audio link?

  JonnyTub 18:42 18 Mar 2005

pop along to pc world and see what's on offer, you'll probably find you can pick a full pc package up for around £200- £400 and walk out the store with it straight off the shelf (not without paying of course) any money you save could go towards a decent graphics card. I used to slate pc world but they prices can't be knocked for full basic systems, especially off the shelf.

  TomJerry 20:01 18 Mar 2005

those bargain basement offers normally do not have good graphics card, but you can buy a graphics card separately and fit yourself (very very easy to do), for example a ATI 9600 card (good for almost all current games) can be bought for £50

Dell has a lot of great offers, for example Dell Dimension 3000 with 17" TFT for £367, more see click here

Just make you it has a AGP slot becuase some Dell models do not have it. This will be used for graphics card.

PC Wolrd has a lot of great offers as well.

Regarding computer knowledge, the only way to get them is to play with a computer. You lad will be more knowledgeable than you in a few months.

It might be a good idea to get him broadband as well, the cheapest is £14.99 a month, slightly cost more than dial-up.

  Starfox 20:47 18 Mar 2005

Jonny Tub's suggestion to go to PC World may be your best bet.You can view your prospective purchase,take time to make a decision and as stated take the pc home with you.

Normally I would advise you to steer well clear of extended warranties but with the situation you have described this may be one of the rare occasions that an extended warranty may be useful,you will have to decide for yourself if it is worth paying the extra.


  Belatucadrus 21:12 18 Mar 2005

click here for a discussion on the merits of a couple of super budget PCs, one from Staples and another from eBuyer. Both offering phenomenal value for money at the moment.
click here for a way of getting it setup for free.
They do however fall down a bit on the graphics card front as both use onboard systems.

  Diemmess 09:02 19 Mar 2005

Thanks for the answers about your G/son....... It sounds a splendid idea of yours to help..... It will give you and your family a lot of pleasure, and will at times turn a few more hairs white! In Confucian terms "you will have an interesting life".

You are getting really good advice about which computer, but without being paranoid, do see that he has good anti-virus, anti spyware, and a firewall when it is all ready to go.

The Achilles heel will be a youngster's temptation to open things to see what comes next!.... All you can do there is to preach a Grandfatherly sermon....... Good luck.

  Joe R 11:59 19 Mar 2005

The Constance P.C. on this link would be hard to beat.

It also comes with the cd for the Os instead of a restore cd.

The graphics aren't exactly cutting edge, but can be upgraded on site.

click here

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