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Energy tariff during leaving period

  beeuuem~2 23:47 08 Sep 2019

I understood that when you gave notice to an energy supplier that you were moving supplier they had to keep you the tariff you were on until the transfer took place even if this took you out of the fixed term contract period.

Mt sister has changed supplier, done everything correctly, given notice well in advance of the fixed term contract expiring. On receiving her final bill the has been charged the standard tariff as, for whatever reason the time to effect the changeover took her outside the fixed contract period.

I can't find chapter and verse to confirm that she should have stayed on the fixed term tariff until the change was completed.

Do any knowledgeable members know if I'm right and where it says so?

  alanrwood 12:53 09 Sep 2019

Never heard of that one. It does not really stand up as it would mean that a customer arranging a switch on their last day would continue on the cheap original contract date for up to 6 weeks that it sometimes takes to switch. If you don't switch in time its your fault not the supplier.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:16 09 Sep 2019

You can arrange to leave up to 30 days before the end of a fixed price contract, without any penalty, so it pays to get on with it early if you can find a good deal.

  lotvic 21:05 15 Sep 2019

Old Deuteronomy, that's the 'exit fee' and it's 49 days. I've just done mine, having had reminder email from MSE.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:51 16 Sep 2019

and it's 49 days.

My memory is not good...

  Gordon Freeman 11:14 16 Sep 2019

Apologies for above post (FE please delete) but seems to have been a logging in error.

Old Deuteronomy, that's the 'exit fee' and it's 49 days. I've just done mine, having had reminder email from MSE.

Re; the above, I'm also switching energy suppliers which is due to complete 11 days before my old supplier contract expires, but does this mean I won't be subjected to exit fees? Getting the timing right with this is a difficult thing as some suppliers act more quickly than others, or so it appears.

  wee eddie 12:03 16 Sep 2019

I am surprised that you decided to transfer 11 days before your Contract ran out, after which you could have left free of charge.

  Gordon Freeman 12:13 16 Sep 2019

I've just checked on their website, they don't charge exit fees "...from 49 days before the end of your contract, whether you choose to stay with us or move to another supplier, exit fees will not apply."

No, I had notification that the contract was going to expire with them a few weeks ago, so initiated the switch to new supplier. It's the new supplier who now manages the switch but, as I alluded to, some providers complete it quicker than others. Leaving it to run out would have meant moving to a more expensive tariff, so you need to act fairly quickly to get the switch done in time.

  Gordon Freeman 12:15 16 Sep 2019

Something not right with this website...I tried to post the above on Edge browser but it didn't post, so I checked via Firefox, and it had already posted.

  lotvic 13:02 16 Sep 2019

Gordon Freeman, that'll be the gremlins acting up :)

  Forum Editor 14:33 16 Sep 2019

As far as i was aware, an energy supplier pre-notifies you that when your fixed price tariff expires, you will automatically be put onto the standard tariff, unless you elect to change to a different one prior to the fixed tariff end date.

I don't really see why a supplier should be forced to keep you on the expired tariff while you move suppliers. Presumably, the interim period was pretty short in any case?

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