Energy bills-What help is avaiable?

  peter99co 12:42 11 Sep 2008

May be worth reading if you are needing help

click here

  spuds 14:05 11 Sep 2008

I always find these type of 'help' offers, especially from national and local government confusing. There always seems to be a 'catch 22' situation in the making. National government tells you to go to local government for grant aid, and local government then inform you that 'possibly' you do not fit the criteria, or there is a shortfall of appropriate funding.

In the case of Gas, Electricity and Water, the main essentials in most peoples lives, the national government should provide stringent rules and conditions, which control the utility companies, and I am not just talking about windfall taxes or so called watchdogs and newly provided establishments whose supposed task is to provide safeguards, correct and easily understood and available information.

Over the past month I have been in negotiations with various utility companies, regarding price capping possibly till 2010/11. Its strange when you mention to a previous gas only provider company like the old respected British Gas, that you can buy gas cheaper from a electricity company like Eon at cheaper rates, and vice versa.

A case in mind, I have just had a quarterly electricity bill delivered today, from a meter reading last week. On that particular bill, there are three different increased price changes, and I can only suspect that things will get worse. Unless of course, something of notice is done about it. No point in the government stating that £XXX millions are being provided, when it doesn't seem to filter down to the needy. No point in spending masses of money on advertising trying to tell you your rights or what is supposedly available, and the remaining budget or funds become extremely limited or non-existent.Real 'seen to be done' action and remedies are needed and required.

  Monoux 14:38 11 Sep 2008

I see from the link that £91m is being provided by the Electricity Companies to fund the Governments proposals. This will lead to unfairness with those who have already paid for their home to have roof insulation, Cavity wall infill and double glazing getting nothing at all.

Why isn't it possible for the supply companies to simply cut their charges to all ?

  peter99co 15:23 11 Sep 2008

Why isn't it possible for the supply companies to simply cut their charges to all ?

I have had loft/walls insulated. I do not want central heating because the cost of running it is to much. I am on an internet/paperless tariff and still it is difficult to fund the bills.

I pay by direct debit and receive dual fuel allowance. I think I have done all I can.

I still have my sheepskin coat and fur boots so I am still warm. It is just the price that needs reducing.

I feel for others that are worse off than me and unable to make changes. ie Rented accomodation where they have no control of the allowances on offer.

  karmgord 18:04 11 Sep 2008

buy shares in the supply companies,they can't lose as they have got a captured market of MUGS!

  spuds 18:20 11 Sep 2008

I see in todays media reports, that Eon have made a public apology regarding a rather flippant remark made by one of their bosses, at a conference the other day.

  peter99co 18:31 11 Sep 2008

There is still no mention of the providing alternative energy to homeowners in the form of grants for solar water heating where this can be installed.

I would love to be able to afford such kind of equipment. 50% grants could make this worth looking into.

Again this is not suitable for all but it is a way forward as water heating is simple to install. Still more expensive if we continue to use gas and electric.

  Pine Man 18:51 11 Sep 2008

Gordon Brown has been lying - again!

The association of energy providers have just announced that the cost of energy saving measures will more than likely be passed on to their customers despite what George Brown said!!!

  laurie53 20:28 11 Sep 2008

The trouble with nearly all these "help" schemes is that they are means tested, to a greater or lesser degree, and you have to agree to a stranger having access to your bank and savings accounts,

No thanks.

If El Gordo really wants to help the financially disadvantaged why doesn't he just simply "The Government will pay x% of your energy bills."

The money could go straight to the energy companies and be recovered by a windfall tax, and there is still the incentive for the consumer to save since they will still be paying by far the major proportion of the bill.

  peter99co 21:22 11 Sep 2008

Can you send Gordo an email which contains a link to that info because he would be everso cross if they do

  ray7 22:35 11 Sep 2008

If the government are sincere in their wish to help,why don't they cancel the VAT chargeable on power. Only 5%, but every little helps. I wonder how many millions the exchequer has gained dut to the increases in the cost of heating.

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