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End of the road for Tom Tom sat navs

  iscanut 16:44 09 Feb 2018

Tom Tom are no longer supporting many older models in spite of having lifetime map updates. See In spite of this many of these models are being sold on sites such as Amazon. All I can say is buyer beware.

  john bunyan 16:57 09 Feb 2018

I suspect that with the improvements in Google Maps , many with iPhones or smart phones use them rather than Tom Tom. Mine can speak via the Bluetooth link via the sound system. Tom Tom , maybe, has lost market share.

  Menzie 17:20 09 Feb 2018

With many phones able to do navigation not to mention all but the most basic of automobiles having built in navigation this was bound to happen at some point.

I wouldn't mind paying a small charge annually to update my navigation system.

Unfortunately for many built in systems map udates cost a fortune. Mercedes recently had a special update price in the UK of £99.

Some do use Tom Tom's system (such as Ford).

  alanrwood 19:00 09 Feb 2018

These are the older models that used the Windows based system and TomTom Home. All the newer models (from a couple of years ago use the newer Linux based system and TomTom MyDrive Connect. To my mind this is a major backward step as TomTom Home regular updates could take around 2 minutes but the newer versions take around 12 minutes to do the same job.. In addition it is no longer possible to back up your TomTom installation to your computer so in the event of a corruption you could simply restore using TomTom Home from the local backup. You could also make more than one copy of the SD Card data in case of a Card corruption (which has happened to me on trips to the continent.

Now it can only be restored online so internet access is a must. Not much good in a small country hotel in the centre of France. It is possible to create a second SD Card for back up but the process is convoluted and difficult usually having to contact TT support and get them to reset their master data on your account.

Next Sat Nav will probably not be a TomTom but I'm not sure that Garmin are any better. Love to hear other's views.

  wee eddie 21:43 10 Feb 2018

I'm not sure why anyone is suprised. Sat Navs have changed, internally, out of all recognition in the last decade.

I'm sure that the makers of the Mapa Mundi guaranteed it for ever, but I doubt that you'd have much chance of holding them to it!

  mole44 04:41 11 Feb 2018

wee eddie your correct i have tom-tom that is now obsolete as far as updates is concerned,however in most places i go to haven't changes locations and if i need i use my mobile with google maps though i'm thinking of going over to Garmin.

  commute 09:43 11 Feb 2018

My argument with the Tom Tom devise is it says you get 'life-time ' map updates but, having already paid for the devise you then have to pay for the map updates; am I wrong to object to that or...??

And as to the' end of the road 'for Sat Navs per se...not all of us have mobile smart phones

  alanrwood 11:34 11 Feb 2018

If you purchased it with lifetime maps then you do not need to pay for map updates. If you do then contact TomTom and ask for your money back.

You also might need to look at TomTom's definition of "Lifetime" as it does not actually mean what most people would think it means. They decide on the lifetime of a product, not you. Yes a bit of a con.

Also not that Lifetime Maps does not include Speed cameras etc unless it is specifically stated so.

  HondaMan 08:28 12 Feb 2018

Breach of contract springs to mind!

  alanrwood 16:18 12 Feb 2018

Just copied this from the TT site.

click here

  Menzie 00:40 15 Feb 2018

If you have a mobile phone there are many open sourced maps available now.

They started out fairly lacking, however as the years have gone by they have improved now to the point where they do a decent job.

The map must be downloaded to your phone but it then guides you without using the internet just like a standard Sat Nav.

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