The end for AGP graphics cards?

  Europa 19:17 05 Aug 2005

I had a discussion with my brother who is living in Belgium,about graphics card, he thinks a grat deal about AGP cards, saying that they perform as well as PCIExpress cards and they are cheaper, which may be right, but I told him that following the informations I gathered here and there, they are phasing out the AGP graphics system in favour of PCIExpress. Basically he says that what I read is no more or less a ploy to make you buy the latest and the more expensive, and that they won't stop producing AGP cards. who's right?

  De Marcus™ 19:52 05 Aug 2005

PCI is the technology of the future but in terms of numbers AGP is still and will for a long time be in the bulk of todays computers. As far as I'm aware there's no game been made that can take take full advantage of AGP x8 speed, how long that remains true is anybody's guess. Even the most graphically available game today can't get close to the limits of AGP's capabilities. I guess that doesn't matter though, AGP will eventually be phased out and it's true potential may never be explored as more and more (if not all) manufacturers start to produce PCI Express components, which at the end of the day doesn't really matter. The sheer nature of the pc industry is to advance and embrace new technology, upgrade and buy new parts, install the latest OS, get the fastest slimmest scanner, CPU, RAM, etc, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on.

  Europa 21:27 05 Aug 2005

How long will it take for the AGP Cards to be phased out? My brother is also against using 2 PCIExpress cards in SLI Configuration. He says that this is a new technology and that he would stay far away from it, as problems may occur(like any new technology, I suppose). That discussion happened as I am buying my next PC(it is being built at the moment), and I have chosen 2 6600GT PCIE in SLI configuration. Another thing : he can built his own PC, so at best he can just replace the parts that are obsolete if necessary, I am trying to make my PC as future proof as I can, as I cannot built my own.

  citadel 21:40 05 Aug 2005

I would wait for the next generation of pci for sli configuration as hopefully both cards will be able run at 16x intead of 8x.

  Stuartli 00:14 06 Aug 2005

AGP cards will be around for quite a while yet...:-)

In actual fact, an 8x AGP card is not twice as fast as a 4x equivalent - the ratio is less than would appear.

  Chegs ® 02:48 06 Aug 2005

I'm quite happy with my PC's performance.I have SATA,its nowhere near as fast as I expected,taking slightly less time to copy files to/from compared to an IDE.

I have 8x AGP,it does all I require,and so it should as it was £250 to buy!

My CPU is XP2600,it replaced an XP1800 and in-use is no different to the 1800(maybe a nanosecond faster opening a file,or a few minutes less rendering a video)but I'm a patient man.

My conclusion is,although every component in my PC has been "superceded" in latest specs I dont need to upgrade its components(other than to boast,and thats boring)

  Totally-braindead 09:41 06 Aug 2005

Well have to agree here with Chegs ®. I've been considering an upgrade, new board that has SATA and PCI Express but to be honest I just can't justify it. My PCs a AMD 2500 and my graphics card is a FX5900. Now this is by no means the fastest available but it plays everything I've thrown at it at 1024x768 which is the max for my TFT anyway. If I wait another 6 months or a year I'm sure there will be something better and faster out there and who knows maybe even cheaper. Agree with Stuartli as well in that AGP cards will be here for a while yet but I can't see any of the manufacturers bringing out newer better AGP cards, I think they'll concentrate on PCI Express. On the subject of graphics cards I was rather annoyed a couple of months ago when PCA did their review of cards and all their budget cards were PCI Express. The cheapest AGP card they had was in the high end ones and that was about the £250 mark, too rich for my blood. But all credit to PCA as when I emailed them they saw my point and said they will do a round up of cards for us poor hard up souls who only have AGP slots. I wait with baited breath.

  Stuartli 12:04 06 Aug 2005

But many, many thousands of people have mobos with AGP slots and unless everyone went on a mass upgrading spree, will continue to do so for a fair bit of time to come.

  gudgulf 14:13 06 Aug 2005

I'll be staying with AGP for the forseeable future.I fully expect to see the latest technology/fastest graphics cards appearing in PCIe format only when first released.AGP versions of the best sellers/performers will probably appear somewhat later in AGP format.The latest NVidia 7800GT for example is PCIe only,but there are an awful lot of AGP equipped computers around that can make full use of such a powerful graphics card (mine certainly could).Whilst I fully understand the need to have the best performance demonstratively shown by the latest technology equipped machines I can't see them turning their backs on a very sizable AGP market just yet.

I wont be at all suprised if AGP 7800 cards appear at around the same time as the next generation of PCIe cards.Well that's my opinion anyway,lol.

  wee eddie 14:32 06 Aug 2005

For the while most new PCs will be built with PCI Slots, so new cards will go to the manufacturers. Few folk will be upgrading their new PC in the first 9 months. So there will not be sufficient upgrade market to fly.

However there will still be a large (legacy) sector of the market that still has only AGP Slots and wishes to get improved performance, making a considerable market for improved AGP cards.

I would expect the push to be toward, quieter cooling, on the newest AGP cards as the market will no longer be speed at any cost, but an overall improvement in performance.

  fitcher 18:10 06 Aug 2005

when I was making my first computers .my motherboards had pci cards only .no agp slots .they decided to make agp slot motherboards because they said it was the way to go .and was better and faster than pci slots for graphics cards ,so we got . then 2,,then 4 and 8 agp slots,, so back we go to pci though yes an enhanced one .will we have soon 1 and 2 and 3,,? I wonder ,I still say graphics could be on board motherboards ,,,like sound cards ,,who wants sound cards.. on board six surround is good enough for me.

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