Encryption as solution to windows 10

  Susanasus1 14:05 16 Sep 2015

I have a question which requires answering by someone who REALLY knows the answer regarding windows 10 and the data they collect.

If I use Veracrypt to Encrypt my entire hard drive then I am "Thinking" that all data collected from my entire machine by Windows 10 will be of no use to Windows 10 as when the data retrieved by edge, cortana and everything else that phones home will be encrypted and of no use to them

Now i fully understand that my PC will be sluggish, I fully understand that If I were to become a person of interest then it wont help very much.

The only thing I wish to know is YES or NO Data collected from a non microsoft encrytion software when opened at the microsoft end for analysis will be usable or NO?

Thank You

  Secret-Squirrel 17:11 16 Sep 2015

Your "encryption solution" won't work.

Windows 10 will still have access to the data on the hard drive - if it didn't then the computer wouldn't even be able to boot into Windows ;)

Entire hard drive encryption is to prevent anyone reading their data if the computer is lost or stolen.

  Susanasus1 19:42 16 Sep 2015

Ok thank you both for replying ill goto linux

For second person, I read the privacy policy which just about says you have no privacy

  robin_x 21:57 16 Sep 2015
  Secret-Squirrel 09:28 17 Sep 2015

That looks like a useful tip Robin :)

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