empty-inkjet-cartridges.com – do they pay?

  QinesiQ 10:40 18 Mar 2007


A while ago I sent off some empty ink cartridges to click here as recommended on these forums click here

Has anyone else done this and received a cheque?

Just curious because I sent mine off over 2 months ago and received nothing. I was hoping to donate the proceeds to a local animal charity (animals in distress) just up the road from me (obviously, cheque would be made out to me and I would withdraw cash from my a/c etc.).

It was only a small amount as a test run but I’m rather disappointed.

Sorry if I am in the wrong forum – not your typical CONSUMERWATCH I know

  Fingees 11:56 18 Mar 2007

I return mine direct to pc world they then contribute to charity.

  QinesiQ 15:01 18 Mar 2007

but I want to be sure which charity as apposed to charity in general as I don’t agree with quite a few. This is one I am fairly involved with and is in my local area. I know where the money goes and see results.

Besides, point being empty-inkjet-cartridges.com don’t seem to honour what they advertise – at least in my experience.

  spuds 17:07 18 Mar 2007

Have you tried to contact the company about your problem and concern!.

If any of the cartridges that you sent were compatibles, then you may find that they have zero value, as refill companies have no use for them.

  QinesiQ 18:10 18 Mar 2007

How ya doing?

No, I haven't dropped them a line yet. I just wanted to canvas any experiences so I would know what to expect. To be honest I've been bogged down with contacting (one particular) company trying to sort out my (lack of) broadband connection since mid Jan and not really in the mood for another fruitless fight.

Technically, I have nothing to be ‘angry’ about nor lost out in anyway - I’m more disappointed for animal rescue who would have benefited in the long run had it been a successful outcome.

I sent all genuine HP once-used (i.e. new from packet used and empty). They were the 'high-value' ones (wrt what they pay out). Thought I had followed all instructions.

I'll drop them an email on Monday - ugh! Probably pointless!

I’m feeling beaten up and bruised! The world must be out to get me!!

  spuds 18:22 18 Mar 2007

Good luck with that email, the world might be in your favour after tomorrow!.

  emptycartridge 14:50 26 May 2007

No they dont pay. we had to take them to court and won the judgement for £588.00. they also go by the name of cartex, eurojet and based in rippon. other charities have had problems with this bunch of prats also have been investigate by the trading standards for misleading prices. the mirror also got involved

click here

Good luck

  QinesiQ 17:13 26 May 2007

Well that explains A LOT.

I had no response to what I sent nor my emails.Fortunately, it was just a test run.

However, since they request your personal details (name and address to "send the [phantom] cheque") it would seem to be a very dangerous practice to continue.

Thanks emptycartridge for clearing that up I’m sorry you had such trouble and glad you got judgement.

Thanks for posting hopefully others will be warned.

Btw Tescos have an ink cartridge recycling scheme whereby you get clubcard points or can donate proceeds to charity.

Failing that, sell on ebay and select the donate proceeds to charity or use proceeds to offset your next cartridge or both!

  namtas 22:54 26 May 2007

Well at least you can see here where your cartriges went to

click here

  colberly 10:15 27 May 2007

This firm recycle ink cartridges, but only certain kinds and your A/C has to reach at least £5 before a cheque is sent. We use them all the time for our dog rescue.
click here

  QinesiQ 12:00 27 May 2007

i know i sent them well over £5 worth of empty ink cartridges.

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