Empty CD Jewel cases

  cagey 21:01 25 May 2005

Could anyone put me onto a source to buy empty CD Jewel cases (not slimline). It's easy to get blank CDs in bulk but not the Jewel cases.

  Pooke100 21:08 25 May 2005


thats where i buy mine.

  cagey 21:25 25 May 2005

I expect Tesco's are in small packs, I was thinking about 50 or 100 packs.

  Pooke100 21:41 25 May 2005

packs of 20 for £2.99 i think. I stocked up on them from there.......

  Sans le Sou 22:01 25 May 2005
  Sans le Sou 22:07 25 May 2005

cheaper to buy 200, same postage as 100.
If you can get them at Tesco so much the better.

  siouxah1 22:42 25 May 2005

click here

Try here, not sure of prices being good or bad.
Have dealt with them and have had no problems.


  cagey 22:49 25 May 2005

Postage at these sites puts up the cost considerably. I'll try my local Tesco, hope they have some in stock.

  Roadgiant 23:15 25 May 2005

Depending on where you live, most computer fairs usually have stalls selling them by the boxfull.
Near here (Manchester) the big weekly fair at Bowlers has a stall selling nothing but cases in just about every combination you can think of.

  g0slp 23:19 25 May 2005

Town markets can be a good source too.

I visit Chester-le-Street every Saturday; there are at least 3 stalls there selling jewel cases etc for coppers each

  cagey 21:05 26 May 2005

Roadgiant and gOsip....good idea but in this computer backwater of Plymouth , the nearest computer fair is, I think, Bristol which is 120 miles away. If anyone knows of one nearer to Plymouth please let me know. Pooke100.. I visited my local branch of Tesco today and the only empty cases were priced at £2.47 for 10 in number ie 24.7P each.

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