Employer Laptop Scheme - Help!

  tapeloop 12:50 07 Mar 2006

Laptop guru's help please!

I've got the choice of three Evesham laptops through a work scheme. I'm purposly not saying what I'm going to use it for as I want an unbiased view point. So tell me which is the best and why!

1) Mobile AMD Athlon 64 3400+; 1GB DDR RAM 333mhz; 17" WXGA 1440x900; ATi Radeon 200M Graphics; 80gb 5400 rpm HD; Dual Layer DVD/CD-RW; Windows XP Home

2) Intel Pentium (Centrino) M 760 (2GHz, 2mb cache, 533 Mhz); 1GB DDR II RAM; 533mhz; 17" WXGA 1440x900; Intel Integrated Graphics; 80gb 5400 rpm HD; Dual Layer DVD/CD-RW; Windows XP Home

3) AMD Turion 64 MT-34; 512MB DDR RAM 333mhz; 15.4 WXGA 1280x800; 128mb ATi Mobility Radeon X700 graphics; 60gb 5400rpm GD; Dual Layer DVD/CD-RW; Windows Media Centre 2005

Thanks for you help

  rmcqua 13:17 07 Mar 2006

Can't give you a truly constructive comparison unless you can tell us what you intend to use it for! One laptop's good features might suit it for one purpose whilst another's might make it a better choice for another purpose.
Without any further information, I would probably go for machine 1)

  bfoc 13:32 07 Mar 2006

Depend what you want to use it for!

For instance if you want to use the laptop away from a power supply the Centrino should give a much better battery life and, of course it has 'built-in' Wifi.

The Turion has better graphics processsing power with 128Mb Ati Mobility Radeon X700, but that may be less important to you than the 'raw power' of the Athlon 64.

So saying what you want to use it for shouldn't lead to any 'baised' views - just more useful comments.

  Smiler 13:40 07 Mar 2006

I would go for the athlon 64 as this is almost the setup I have in my desktop and it flies along and does everything I ask of it

  tapeloop 13:41 07 Mar 2006

Thanks for the comments so far, here's an idea of what I'm going to use it for...

I'm mainly going to use it for Microsoft Office work, especially complex Excel stuff. Wirless Internet connectivity is high on the list too. I'm a strong lad so I'm not to bothered about portability / battery life ;-). I do want to be able to play games but not to the detriment of Office power.

Thanks again.

  tapeloop 13:54 07 Mar 2006

Sorry, forgot to mention, they all have Wi-Fi

  ade.h 15:59 07 Mar 2006

Simple: The second one. The ONLY weakness is its integrated graphics (whose memory sharing is offset to a large extent by the generous quantity of RAM). But you're not going to play games on a laptop are you? Well, apparently you are, which surprises me somewhat, especially with a business laptop. And they all have widescreens, which are not compatible with all games by any stretch (no pun intended!)

Option 1's power management is primitive when compared to a Pentium M; the Turion is better but not quite at Intel's level. Again, you say that mobility doesn't bother you; does this mean that you will only be using the laptop at home?

Perhaps you should ask them for a fourth choice; a Core Duo.

  tapeloop 17:28 07 Mar 2006


You sum up my problem well. In an ideal world I wouldn't pick any of these models, however, I will get the laptop for almost nothing and that's to good an offer for me to miss.

That's why originally I didn't say what I wanted the laptop for, I wanted your general opinion of each laptop and their positive and negative traits.

I was hoping someone would put together a powerful argument to convince me which option to buy!



  Smiler 17:44 07 Mar 2006

The athlon 64 is 64 bit ready so when Microsoft's 64 bit op system is available you'll be ready for it. It's also the fastest processor of the three.

  ade.h 17:53 07 Mar 2006

But none of your software will, so there won't be a great deal of benefit to 64bit computing for a little while yet.

It would not sway me, especially when you consider the comparatively short shelf-life of a laptop.

They tend to warrant replacement more frequently due to the lack of upgradability and the limited lifespan of some parts, such as the keyboard. A well-used laptop might feel a bit knackered after two years or so.

  tammer 20:27 07 Mar 2006

....another "you're not going to play games on a laptop....".

Welcome to 2006 my friend.

I'd write a bit more but I'm itching to play Battlefield 1942 on my Evesham Voyager C520....

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