Empire Direct in administration

  961 19:16 19 Jan 2009

Sad to see another retailer bites the dust today

Getting worse not better

  harps1h 19:27 19 Jan 2009
  Stuartli 00:16 20 Jan 2009

Probably a classic example of why you can't have the lowest prices coupled with the best after sales service, which so many customers have demanded in recent years.

Many such organisations, along with some of the big names on the high street, may go the same way in the next few months (as I've hinted in several threads recently); hopefully the smaller independents, who have looked after customers prepared to pay a little more for personal service and attention, will have a happier outcome.

  spuds 00:27 20 Jan 2009

Perhaps off story slightly, but this afternoon I was talking to someone involved in financing arrangements with a number of well known companies. They are already bracing and preparing themselves for claims under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

  oresome 13:29 20 Jan 2009

A useful store for price comparison. I didn't always purchase from them, but as they have a local retail store selling at their internet prices, I was able to price match at Comet or Currys and get 10% of the difference back.

On the ocassions I would have purchased from them, they didn't actually have the item in stock locally. Even when I was in store and I asked if the item was in stock, they would say yes, when in fact the stock was held in another city!

  interzone55 16:16 20 Jan 2009

I see many more companies going this way, there is no way a company can sell goods at little or no margin and stay open for long.

There's far too many companies who seem to think they can get by selling at a loss and make up the difference using bank credit.

As soon as the credit is removed the company goes bust.

  panaman2009 11:54 21 Jan 2009

empire made a rod for their own back tearing the prices up, but as many people. i went for the price option, luckily i hadnt received my tv and have managed to get a refund. got a nice deal though off martin dawes, went via their website and was good service. ordered it sunday night and im going to pick it up today, ive rang the store and staff member on the fone confirmed everything. plus theyve been around for longer than most. anyone else dealt with this firm before?

  Splodge 13:56 21 Jan 2009

I noted with some interest that John Lewis's sales were up during Christmas compared with last year.

I would guess that their reputation and certainty of their survival encouraged people to buy there.

Incidentally, buying from some retailers where there are long term guarantees, on some products, involved may be a step too far in any case!

  panaman2009 16:57 21 Jan 2009

i did notice that about john lewis's, it was hard not to npotice seeing as it was splashed al over the news.

seems proper established brands like john lewis who try to be different from currys and comets supermarket approach almost do survive. after doing some reading, company ive got my tv from have been around since the 60's and arent ott on price, in fact their instore prices are pretty good too, and from what ive heard as well after sales care is top notch.

  961 17:57 21 Jan 2009

Have to say I use JL because of the non hassle if anything needs fixing

I've only ever needed to get back to them once, but the difference in service compared to the average box shifter (and many high st places) makes the extra price well worth it

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