Email with a difference

  jakimo 21:06 19 Jul 2004

Want a to send emails with colour\sound\animation,and entertaining features,AND ITS FREE

click here

  jakimo 21:14 19 Jul 2004

You need an email account to start with,then transfer your existing in box and address book to the new prog.

  mbp 22:17 19 Jul 2004

There are great many features that make Incredimail very attractive and appealing. Incredimail does install and beds itself well into your system. For those of you who like trying out and changing various programs from time to time, remember that to remove/uninstall and clean out Incredimail, you will more than likely have to use a 3rd party Registry cleaner, like Registry Mechanic or Registry First Aid. So some extra expenses could be incurred in the future. Incredimail is known to be stubborn in giving up its roots in your system.

  spuds 22:27 19 Jul 2004

This is a programme which some people love and others may hate. It as been known to throw up the odd problem or two, and I have known people who have un-installed from their system, due to the problems that have occured.

Personally I love this programme, and I find that your emails are much better received. It's been around a long time now, and updates are frequent. I notice though that certain parts that use to be part and parcel of the package,are now being charged for.

  slightlymad 01:24 20 Jul 2004

As a recipient (not a user) of Incredimail, I find it incredibly tiresome. I'm sure the sender's mails look very attractive from their end, but not from mine - enormous fonts that make for difficulty in reading, and they take up a large amount of space. Remember that if you're including images or backgrounds in emails, they take longer to download.

  jakimo 13:45 20 Jul 2004

Thanks to all for the addition information on incredimail

  March Hare 23:43 21 Jul 2004

I used Incredimail a while back, but shortly after, I started getting major freezes and crashes. No way of proving cause and effect, but when I uninstalled it the problems stopped.

To add to slightlymad's comments above, I thought some of the fancy fonts I was using were pretty cool. Until I found out that in many cases the fonts were being replaced by ordinary ones at the recipients' end!

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