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  Ewa 21:19 03 Feb 2005

Continuing the subject of software for email: is it only my outlook that jams all the time? I changed to microsoft outlook so that I could synchronize with the ipaq but I keep having problems with it. Today it refuses to send messages. I hope this mood will pass, usally does, but I wish it just did what it is supposed to do. Do I have any choice (of software) if I need to synchronise (contacts, calendar, emails) with ipaq?

  HappySoul 22:18 03 Feb 2005

I find I have to have Outlook open otherwise it does not sync. everything.

  HappySoul 22:20 03 Feb 2005

click here for latest activesync software.

  Ewa 10:23 04 Feb 2005

Thank you HappySoul. It is not with the synchronisation that I am having problems. But I downloaded ActiveSync 3.8 and I just hope it will not cause any new issues.
It is just the working of Microsoft Outlook as a mailer what pains me. I have used in the past Pegasus, Eudora and Outlook Express and found them very reliable. Microsoft Outlook seems to have moods, last night it refused to send my emails even after rebooting, this morning send these emails spouting some sort of complaint at me but still, it did send them. As it is so non specific I have no way of knowing that it is the Outlook to blame, I just wondered what was other's experience with Microsoft Outlook as a mailer.

  wee eddie 13:45 04 Feb 2005

To place Send messages on the Out Box,

Then you just have to click Send/Receive to get them sent.

This default is to ensure that ill considered mails are not accidentally sent. This is very important in a business situation. You can change this, but I would recommend that you leave it. It's saved my bacon a couple of times.

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