Elsa Graphics Cards

  master archer 12:14 17 Sep 2003

I bought a Elsa Graphics card two years ago, and now it has packed up, I went on the website to find a uk warranty centre, with no joy but found under warranty that the card is under gaurantee for six years.
The person I have been in contact with is [email protected]
His reply was
"ELSA Asia seems not responsible for any obligations under those purchases outside Asia Pacific regions. Unfortunately, your deal with ELSA Inc. fallen outside our region. For protection of your consumer's right"
"we sincerely suggest you to bring your complaint to the insolvent administrator of former ELSA AG. He should be the correct one who has to deal with every issues of Former ELSA AG"

Do you think this is fair?



  Mike D 12:26 17 Sep 2003


I don't know about fair, but he may be right. I had an Esla MX440(?) card on a previous system and the card was a product of a German company (Elsa AG) and there was no mention any where in the documentation of a Far Eastern connection. I can only remember this because it is only a few weeks since (on the instructions of her indoors) I cleared out a load of old paperwork, and I remarked that it was a shame that the West cannot compete with the Far East on price and maybe (?) quality.


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