gateway00 23:11 12 Jun 2006

The receivers went in to Elonex at 5.25pm today, Monday 12 June 2006!

  spuds 23:52 12 Jun 2006

Remember Time and Carreara rose from the ashes.All may not be lost!.

  boots2 12:18 13 Jun 2006

Thanks for that I was just about to order a Artisan VX so I will put it off for a while.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:20 13 Jun 2006

[quote]I will put it off for a while.[/quote]

I'd look for a new supplier...

  Bob_Crabtree 13:56 13 Jun 2006

Anyone know anything more about what's going on at Elonex?

Who the receivers are, contact details, anything like that?


  gateway00 16:46 13 Jun 2006

Rachel Peck,

Deloitte & Touche 0207936 3000.

  neil79 16:51 13 Jun 2006

I wonder if watford will buy the remains as they did with carrera and tiny.

  PC Advisor features editor 18:00 13 Jun 2006

Further to your postings about Elonex, I've been in touch with them and am awaiting official comment from both Elonex and Deloitte and Touche.

Please see the news story on the home page. I'll update info as soon as I receive it.


Rosemary Haworth
PC Advisor features editor

  Forum Editor 23:48 13 Jun 2006

the fact that Elonex's bankers bounced a company cheque for £900 which had been sent to one of our forum members on 30th May is a pretty serious matter, and is indicative of something badly wrong somewhere.

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