gateway00 10:22 11 Jun 2006

Elonex are in trouble.

They sent me a cheque (full refund for an Artisan) it has bounced. Nobody from the company will respond to my emails, phone calls, voice messages or letter by Registered Delivery.

I have since found out that Computer 2000 have filed (18th May) a "winding up order" against Elonex in the Royal Courts of Justice, which will be heard on the 4th July.

It is likely that Elonex's bankers will have taken steps to 'freeze' their accounts on or soon after the 18th May.

Sorry Mods, I initially posted elsewhere, but thought it should be more prominent. I hope that ok.

  spuds 10:32 11 Jun 2006

This type of possibility is always on the horizon,even with the most respected and well known companies, hence the constant advice to pay by credit card. At least you have some protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended).

  Diodorus Siculus 11:13 11 Jun 2006

How did you pay for the goods? If by credit card then you have protection I believe, regardless of they sending you a cheque.

  gateway00 11:39 11 Jun 2006

Paid by credit card in Feb 05.

Had a 'good will' refund of £75 to that credit card in Oct 05.

Elonex maintained that they couldn't refund to my credit card in May and sent a cheque instead. This bounced last week.

I have initiated a "disputed payment" with my credit card company, who have said that the 'chegue' may complicate matters. Demonstrating a willingness by Elonex to refund me!!

  spuds 12:07 11 Jun 2006

"the 'cheque' may complicate matters. Demonstrating a willingness by Elonex to refund me!!.

This is not a let-out clause, and as nothing to do with section 75. The credit card company as 'Equal liability' to sort out a complete refund, if Elonex can't or won't.

I hope that you were not charged a 'bounced cheque' penalty fee. If so, add this into your claim.

  Forum Editor 13:42 11 Jun 2006

was it dated before the date of the application for a winding up order - or after it?

  folder4mags 16:21 11 Jun 2006

I would be very very surprised if this is the case! I dont work for them or have any connection to them, but i do maintain a lot of Elonex pc's within the NHS, yes motherboards have been unreliable, but i would be surprised if they were in financial trouble.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:24 11 Jun 2006

Concern mounts over Elonex - IT Week
"Concern mounts over Elonex

Speculation grows as winding-up petition lodged with the Royal Court of Justice
Sara Yirrell, CRN 09 Jun 2006

Concern is mounting over the future of integrator and PC builder Elonex as it emerges Computer 2000 (C2000) has filed a winding-up petition against the company.

CRN had it confirmed from the Royal Courts of Justice that the petition was filed on 18 May and is due to be heard in Leeds on 4 July.

Steve Lockie, managing director of C2000 said: "We cannot comment on individual cases."

Another distributor, which asked to remain anonymous said: "There are a few people out there that haven't been paid. I'd imagine the signs are not looking very good."

Elonex was unavailble for comment."
click here

  Forum Editor 16:45 11 Jun 2006

in situations like this, and I would appreciate your cooperation - let's have no more lurid headlines like the one at the top of this thread.

Having said that, if a company cheque has bounced it is a serious matter, especially as you can get no response from Elonex, and I advise you to pursue it with your card provider as firmly as possible.

  anchor 17:39 11 Jun 2006

FE: I am sure that we take your point about speculation in the case of Elonex.

However, I am sure you will agree that the bouncing of a company cheque augers ill for the financial state of any company.

  gateway00 21:22 11 Jun 2006

Thanks Diodorus Siculus for the link. I hadn't read the original, only a report.

The 'bouncing' cheque in question is dated 30th May.

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