Elonex Computers

  old-timer 12:33 17 Jan 2004

I have read many posts reegarding computer suppliers and service, and would like to register my experience of Elonex Computers.
Over a period of several years I have purchased 4 different machines, each being an upgrade from the last. Elonex warranty being 1 year On-Site, and a further two years return to base.

I have had 4 problems with these machines, as outlined.

1. Machine had internal 56K modem which refused to function....Called Tech Support, and they sent engineer out within a couple of days. He said he had had problems with this particular modem when connected to Cable. He asked if I would consider an external modem, and supplied me with a US Robotics top of the range modem.

2. Machine refused to boot. Diagnosed motherboard and rang Technical support. Again engineer called with a new motherboard and fixed problem.

3/4 Hard disk failures...As these were outside of the on-site warranty, TS first suggested sending machine back. I explained that I condidered the hard disk to be at fault, and they suggested sending back just the hard disk. Did so, and received a new disk with 4 days.

I except machines to malfunction at some point, but am very satisfied with the support and service supplied by Elonex. I might also add that Technical Support are very helpful, answer quickly, and do not charge a premium rate for calls.

  whatsupdoc 12:46 17 Jan 2004

to hear of a satisfied person for a change. hope you enjoy it for a long time.

  Stuartli 17:37 17 Jan 2004

Elonex has been in business for a long time and has always sold quality systems, although its advertising seems to have been scarce for some years.

However, I trust that the people who watch QVC know their onions - today's special offer is an Elonex 2.6MHz system with DVD writer, 120GB HDD etc at a reduced price, for today only, of nearly £1,500...:-)

My first PC was an Elonex. It was DOA and had to be returned to Bradford. It then worked OK until it was 13 months old when the hard disk failed and I had to have a new one installed.

After that it worked just fine until it could no longer cope with the requirements of modern day software. I gave it away at this point to someone who just wanted a simple word processor etc. It finally passed away last year and went to that great pc heaven in the sky.

I suppose I'm showing my age but it was (if my memory serves me right):

486SX 20Mhz processor,
4Mb RAM,
1Mb Video RAM,
40Mb hard disk (upgraded to a massive 70mb when replaced!!)
15" monitor.

Comparatively, it was as expensive in real terms, as todays power PCs and was to me the bee's knees! Glad to know that they are still going, I thought they must have stopped as we never hear of them nowadays.

  accord 21:36 18 Jan 2004


the elonex on QVC yesterday, looked pretty tasty, shame its not available anymore. i think it sold out

  Ranger 00:41 19 Jan 2004

my forst pc was a Elonex a well, a 486sx, I only had to phone customer services once, and they were very helpful and new their stuff

  Stuartli 09:21 19 Jan 2004

It may well have done but you obviously haven't appreciated my level of sarcasm.... It's the same for QVC's offerings from the Dell stable.

But if you've got plenty of money to throw away then you'll have no problem.

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