belfman 11:48 30 Apr 2008

Which is better to buy?

Someone told me the elite is as powerful as a PS3... is it?

As they all play the same games then my thinking is, that the above just isn't true.

  donki 12:22 30 Apr 2008

Someone is winding you up my friend!! All the 360's are the same basic machine! the Elite is black and has a bigger hard drvie.

Yes the PS3 is more powerfull and has the Blue ray drive but the games on each look identicale in most instances. You can get second hand 360's in Game at great prices.

  belfman 12:55 30 Apr 2008

I thought that!

My next Q is the 120GB hard drive worth it? ie. £60 in upgrade costs - I note the RRP on the drive is £129.

I've been reading that some of the later white models actually have an HDMI port anyhoo so the main difference is just the drive. Would you need 120GB on a console?

Colour of console matters not.

Thanks for your response.

  donki 13:53 30 Apr 2008

You are rite any newly distributated arcade or premium should have an HDMI, but you never know you could get one that has been sitting in the shop a while.

The answer to your question do you need a 120Gb hard disk? Id say no, I know my mates feel the need to show off to me, a pc owner about how they have full movies, albums etc etc on there console, my answer? Ive had that for years :). Only thing you really need the hard drive for is saved games and downloadable content for games. IMO the smaller one is more than big enough.

I'm thinking of getting a PS3 or Xbox just so I can play a small number of games i.e. Pro Evo Soccer GTA and Gran Tourismo (il need a PS3 for that). Would be alot handier if games develepors just put the time into the PC versions :(.

  Si_L 17:47 30 Apr 2008

I'm with donki on this one. Its not worth shelling out the extra money for more memory and a different (worse) colour. They are the same power, I would go for the cheaper and you could get a couple of games with it for the same price.

They can sync with your PC wirelessly, so theres no need to store music or other media on it.

  belfman 23:10 30 Apr 2008

Going for the white premium console.

I want it for racing games mainly.

  belfman 23:11 30 Apr 2008

thanks all.

  donki 12:37 01 May 2008

Unfortuneaftly no Gran Tourismo :( best racing game on any console!! :(

  Si_L 15:06 01 May 2008

Agreed. Thats the only thing that swayed me towards the playstation. Apart from GTA, Gran Turismo is the best game ever made.

  ZeroHour 15:15 01 May 2008

Have you not ever heard of Forza Motorsport 2.
Its considered to be one of the best and its the most realistic physics in any racing game. The 360 also has the superb wheel MS designed which is a joy to use.
Gran Turismo is old hat now and really is lacking the impressiveness it had before. Forza is better.

  belfman 21:01 01 May 2008

PGR is what I'm after and Forza also. With all the guys at work going on about GTAIV I'm going to give it a go.

Last time I played GTA was on the original, chunky, grey playstation.

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