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eGlobal EU - Not an EU based Company

  NB98 16:28 08 Oct 2019

eGlobal-EU - This company is NOT Based in Europe and is NOT subject to European Consumer Law. Purchased a Galaxy Note8 in September 2018. Screen Burn appeared in May 2019. Over Chat Samsung advised to bring it to their Authorised Repair Centre. NOT a European Phone, originated in UAE. Contacted eGlobal, and sent it back to their "Repair Centre" IMX in the UK. Initially advised it had Physical Damage and so Warranty repair was not applicable. It had NO Physical or other damage. When challenged I was advised - Sorry Wrong Message, Screen Burn is due to User Misuse.... Only options were repair for €289 or return for €25. No option to escalate issue or get diagnosis reports. Their Customer Service is a JOKE. Once a day responses. No option to call/escalate the issue. Samsung have accepted Note8 has Screen Burn - but eGlobal/IMX are not accepting this. Contacted the European Consumer Centre and advised of the above. This was their finding. BE WARNED. In principle EU law would apply to transactions where a trader is targeting a specific market in the EU; however, enforcement may prove problematic where the trader in question is based outside the EU. Having checked the eGlobal Central EU’s terms and conditions, it is to our understanding the company is based in Hong Kong: click here While we do appreciate that you were instructed to return your phone to IMX Ltd in the UK for repairs, it would appear the company mainly offers services such as mail delivery and distribution or storage services. For further information: click here In light of the above, we are afraid that if the product purchased from eGlobal Central EU is a non-EU device, it may not be covered by warranty offered by Samsung in Europe. For further information: click here So Bottom Line - If you are buying anything from this Site - It is NOT based in Europe despite looking like it is. It is NOT subject to EU Law. Its products do NOT have Manufacturer Warranty. And based on my experience, eGlobal will NOT repair any device regardless of condition. And - check out lots of other forums saying the same. I got Stung. Don't let it happen to you. click here

  HondaMan 20:28 09 Oct 2019

I take it that the phone was much cheaper from this company than it was from a UK supplier?

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