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  barannie 19:17 02 Nov 2014

Do not be fooled by this company. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. I mistakenly ordered from them thinking it was a website I had used before so did not make my usual checks. I tried to cancel the transaction within minutes of my online purchase but could not open the link. The device arrived within days from China. The invoice was for Camera Parts £11 no serial number of the device on invoice. This is how they fraudulently avoid Duty & Vat. I also had no written Warranty nor Terms and Conditions. This means that at any time they can change these terms which they have already. Within a week I could see the device had a fault. I contacted Samsung UK who went into it remotely and found a fault in the software. I told them it came from China but they assured me it still came under there warranty. The Tablet was returned to Samsung UK for repair but was returned to me in a few days untouched. It seems that no registered Samsung engineer is allowed to repair it because it comes from outside the EU nor can I ever have it repaired in the UK even if it is out of Warranty. Also the system is different as those in UK. This is not mentioned in there terms and conditions. I have been in touch with eglobal on numerous occasions to ask for a full refund. They will not do this so I submitted a RMA ticket. They insist I return it to them at my expense and promise me a refund if the fault comes under there warranty. You can see from other reviews that this will not happen. For this reason the matter has been taken up by my credit card company under Section 75 of the consumer credit act. I have also sought advice from Consumer help line who have told me that because there was no written terms and conditions nor contract in the package there terms and conditions are invalid they are also restricting the rights of consumers. Hopefully this will all be resolved in my favor. No way will I return it to them, I may never get it back. 

  lotvic 21:37 02 Nov 2014

Jock1e, Reviews can be fixed. I had a look, I wouldn't buy from them, I like to have a proper invoice for goods purchased. It says in the T&C that the warehouse is located at the following address, (a P.O. Box number) Cheung Sha Wan Post Office, Hong Kong

  spuds 09:34 03 Nov 2014

"The device arrived within days from China."

I have a number of items on a monthly basis from overseas places, including China. What I have found is that some supplier's have arrangements for items to be sent from EU/UK warehouses or contacts.

If it took only a few days to deliver (7 or less), instead of the normal, which can be usually 21 days or not at all, then I would suspect that there is a EU/UK delivery arrangement in progress for the supplier. Looking at the delivery package is the usual giveaway, because it would have some form of customs sticker displayed, or postage marking from HK/China.

  lotvic 10:20 03 Nov 2014

If I'd bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 I'd not be happy about this: "The invoice was for Camera Parts £11"

  spuds 10:39 03 Nov 2014

"This is how they fraudulently avoid Duty & Vat. I also had no written Warranty nor Terms and Conditions."

The more I see posts like this, make me wonder if some buyers actually find these things out before making a purchase, because it would seem not.These sort of post are aired on this and other forum's on a fairly regular basis, so advice being given is not unavailable for people to check or see.

Surely, if an item seems to good for the price, then perhaps alarms bells should be ringing. If there is any concerns, then a simple email to the seller, should resolve any issues, before sale.

lotvic - Many of the items I receive are marked as 'gifts', and I am wondering if the poster is getting mixed up about an invoice, which I assume was inside the package. The official custom declaration sticker on the outside of the package usually states such things, it also states that the item can be opened for inspection.

  barannie 12:13 03 Nov 2014

In reply to the above responses. As I said I thought this was a company I had used before. Similar name so did not do usual checks.I tried to contact the company within minutes of making the transaction but was unable to open the link to do so. Also I could not get into Online Chat that link also would not open. No it was not distributed from a uk warehouse. I still have the packaging and tracking number and it came from Hong Kong delivered to me in uk by UPS.The only info on package is a UPS Saver Label Tracking number and Billing P/P DESC : REFER TO INVOICE. Which is the same number as the invoice for Camera Parts £11 which was in the package.No mention of being allowed to open package !! Yes I realize now that the price was too good to be true but I am a retired lady of over 70 so an easy mistake for me to make. I agree that most of the reviews are very good. But if you go into other Trust Pilot Reviews that are not on eGlobal website they are very worrying. I think that some bad reviews have been deleted from the website. I have put in two reviews myself into trustpilot.One that I found on eglobal website and the other I found on eglobal reviews in Google.One is being held back. DODGY !!!!

  Forum Editor 22:15 03 Nov 2014

Transferred to Tech Consumer advice from Speakers Corner.

  barannie 22:25 12 Nov 2014

The saga goes on. One minute eGlobal say that because I did an RMA within 20 days, I Quote " You are entitled to a full refund or exchange" Now they say the Tablet has to go back to Hong Kong at my expense to be repaired. I am fully aware of there Warranty and Terms and Conditions, I've read them enough. I am aware that if it goes wrong it has to be returned to them by submitting a RMA ticket and I pay carriage. My argument with them is that as I was unable to stop the transaction within 15mins ( I had realised by then that this was a very bad company to deal with by reading other independent reviews on Google) The Chat line would not open nor was I able to submit a ticket. This is required by the company to cancel a transaction. Must be done before process of order. This was attempted within 15 mins of transaction. Both links had been deliberately blocked to prevent me from cancelling transaction. There are reviews from consumers on review centre on Google stating that eGlobal ignored all attempts to cancel transactions. This has now been taken up by my credit card company as charge back. I have also reported eGlobal to The Consumer Council Hong Kong. I have had acknowledgment from them and awaiting there comments. I have sent them proof of all eGlobals tricks to deceive the consumer. One is by having there negative reviews by Trust Pilot deleted and under investigation. Mine is among many of these. This gives the consumer a wrong impression of the company. I am convinced that many of these positive reviews are false. I am hoping that this company will be exposed. I certainly will do my best to prevent them from conning the public.

  wildside 19:54 26 Nov 2014

barannie, I feel your pain, and appreciate your effort to help others avoid the same problem! I have been ripped off by TinyGreenPC for extra VAT charges, which I didn't need to pay, which then raised the "value" so I had to pay additional tax, 2 units defective, trips back and forth for picking up and thing after another to the amount of GBP$370 out of pocket for something that cost $535! Plus 3 months wasted time in the process! I was suckered by the false marketing of a 5-year warranty... I wish someone had warned me about them in advance, and told me their products are made in Israel! It's important for consumers to share their information, or we are too easily taken advantage of online. Best of luck to you!

  NigelStreet 18:06 08 Jan 2015

I received my new lens in about 5 days, it does come from Hong Kong because I tracked it all the way.

In just 2 days it was obviously apparent that there is a major mechanical fault with my new lens.

I've completed and send an RMA form off and I had a reply asking some questions that anyone with any knowlegde would understand that the problem is the lens and NOT MY CAMERAS.

I had to reply to their questions via their facebook site because their link didnt work, I cant find the LIVE CHAT icon and it seams that their facebook operators dont understand simply instructions like GIVE ME YOUR RETURNS ADDRESS...!!

I feel that I'm being deliberately delayed for some reason and I'm bloody furious that I cant get a simple answer. All I want to know is their Returns address so I can return this faulty product. This isn't rocket science is it..unless this sorted asap I will never use them again and will makes sure everyone I know doesn't either.

  JaredOrtega 18:34 13 Jan 2015

This morning i was really excited to welcome my new Canon 70d as a replacement to my 7d. My happiness turned into sadness when i tried the camera just to find out it has a serious vertical bars/line banding i think on the lcd screen :((.. This is not my first time purchasing from . Today with the help of pro photographers i found out it was a problem with sensor and not the lcd. I opened RMA they accept it i sent photos proving the camera's defect now i am waiting their assessment.. I wonder if I have to pay for shipping.. I read from the site that it's them who'll shoulder the cost.. I will update you how they'll treat me after sale.. so upset.. should have bought it in Italy.. :(

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