the editor (who seems to have mesh shares?!?)

  Forum Editor 00:02 21 Oct 2003

wouldn't mind a quick word at this point.

It's a tad offensive to infer that I have shares in a company (I don't by the way), simply because I have a tendency to want to see fair play - both to consumers and to the company. I try very hard to maintain an atmosphere that's totally without bias, and when you've been around the forum for a little longer you might see that policy at work.

I have, in the past, been criticised for coming down too hard on certain companies for what I saw as atrocious customer service, but that's another story.

read the forum posts for any length of time and you'll understand that there is sometimes a tendency for certain people to exhibit the "fight in the school playground" syndrome - they gather round an anti-manufacturer thread, shouting words of encouragement, and posting wild, sweeping condemnations. That helps nobody, and engenders the atmosphere of a witch hunt.

We're here to help consumers, and we do, but that doesn't mean we must support people who have no case to make.

So, in answer to your question - would anyone like to defend Mesh? - no, not me, because I'm not aware they're under attack here. You may be attacking them, but you have no personal experience on which to base your opinion. My advice to you, or to anyone else for that matter, is to read the threads, decide what you think about the matters discussed in them, and then make your own informed judgement. And don't make unwarranted allegations about me again.

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