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  iqs 18:06 02 Oct 2013

Hello. I'm looking for some advice/help in regards to my mothers EDF direct debit bill.hopefully this is the correct forum ? Two years ago,my late father set up the direct debit. Each month since them £75 pound has been deducted ,totalling £1800 My mother has a electric meter,with a pay as yup go key,so the £75 each month is just for the gas.

I phoned EDF ,they said its correct . I questioned this amount ,it seemed a lot for an elderly widow who just uses the gas for the gas central heating . Plus she has an electric oven . I said,the amount was the same for when the heating was on in the winter ,and when I switched the heating off during the summer . This made no sense to me . That's when I was told she owes them nearly £6 ???

They offered to test the meter,but if it's not faulty ,they will charge £35

I would like to know how I can verify if this is correct . Currently I have to take their word for it that the bills are right. Is there an independent body I can contact to gain assistance with this issue .

I cancelled the direct debit ,and set up quarterly payments

Please any help is appreciated

Thank you

  Woolwell 18:33 02 Oct 2013

Have you read the meter and compared it to the meter readings in the bills?

  iqs 19:34 02 Oct 2013

Hello. My mother is locating the bills for the past year . Will compare the reading hopefully tomorrow . I did look around for alternative suppliers ,will pursue this further when this current query is put the rest .

Thank you for the help

  oresome 19:43 02 Oct 2013

We have no idea how large the property is or how good the insulation or the efficiency of the heating system.

I live in a 30 year old 4 bedroomed property and pay a similar amount to cover both gas and electricity. We are retired, are in much of the time and like to be warm, so it strikes me as expensive on the face of it.

  Algerian peter ™ 20:00 02 Oct 2013

Some points

Does your mother have her boiler checked each year. We get a gas safe certificate each year. They check the boiler, cooker, meter and fires. This would tell if you had a small leak or if the meter had problems because they take some sort of pressure test.

Have you tried reading the meter and then switching off the gas at the meter for a day or two if it only supplies the central heating.

We were with EDF a few years ago and use dual fuel. They wanted to raise our DD by £35 a month to £170. I used a comparison website and found EON had the best deal. I paid £108 in the first year, £115 in the second year and £118 a month this year. The do a special deal for the over 60's.

Might be worth comparing the price.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:17 02 Oct 2013

" The do a special deal for the over 60's."

Unfortunately, not any more: BBC News.

  Algerian peter ™ 21:28 02 Oct 2013

Mr Mistoffelees

Luckily I renewed my deal 2 weeks ago and it will run till October 2014.

  woodchip 21:48 02 Oct 2013

Suggest you change your Provider, and it comes cheaper if you have Dual fuel, do not Have paper bills and pay by Direct Debit I pay £84 a month and am well in Credit for the above not forgetting that is Electric and Gas £84

I am with Scottish Power

  lotvic 22:30 02 Oct 2013

"I cancelled the direct debit, and set up quarterly payments"

Not a good idea as you get an annual discount if you pay by direct debit.

This is how I do it to keep an eye on consumption etc. My gas meter is Imperial so measures in units of cubic feet. Have to do a bit of maths to turn it into kWh. Here's how it works:


or if you do it on Excel sheet and where

A2 contains the number of units used (cubic feet) as per meter reading (latest reading less previous reading)

B2 contains the formula: =ROUNDUP(A22.8339.5*1.02264/3.6,0)

next multiply the answer by the pence per kWh according to tariff - my tariff is 3.614p per kWh - so

C2 contains pence value: 3.614

D2 gives the cost of kWh used

D2 contains the formula: =SUM(B2*C2/100)

(dividing the pence answer by 100 gives cost in £'s)

obviously depending on your tariff there are things like discounts and standing charges to add or subtract from D2.

Then to the final figure you have to add VAT @ 5% so if final figure is in F2

G2 contains the formula: =SUM(F2*5%)+F2

the £'s amount in G2 is my total gas cost including VAT.

I pay by DDebit so annual cost is spread equally over 12 months. I'm also registered on line so can manage my account there and enter readings etc.

There may be a better way to do it, the above is how I worked it out.

  Forum Editor 22:34 02 Oct 2013

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  lotvic 22:39 02 Oct 2013

darned pca formatting has made nonsense out of excel B2 formula I'll redo that one using x instead of *

B2 contains the formula: =ROUNDUP(A2x2.83x39.5x1.02264/3.6,0)

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