The economics of laser printer scanners.

  ricvic 17:25 02 Jun 2003

The vic in my username is for vicar. My office is shoestring budget, charitable status, reliant on direct giving & small amount of trading. Money is a significant issue.

Our photocopier is on the way out and the firm who maintain it (about whom I have no complaints, excellent service from Danka) are pushing us to upgrade. They suggest a refurb scanner & printer which can be plugged straight into the network replacing the inkjet printer. (Yes this is a computer question really).

The unit they suggest is four years old, previously leased to another of their customers. I have no problems with second user. However, they are suggesting a selling price of £1500. A new unit (albeit with fewer features) can be had for not much more.

My instinct is to assert that they have had the value of scanner/printer in the four years of lease to the previous user and this price is a try on. Any comments from those who know the economics of photocopiers?

Thanks in advance.


  fitshase 18:10 02 Jun 2003

A quick search on Google has come up with the following:-

click here

I don't know what they are like and what the machine is like that you have been offered but it does seem a bit steep for a 4 year old, used photocopier.



  ricvic 18:29 02 Jun 2003

Yes - I agree, but before going back to Danka I want to be sure of my ground.

  -pops- 18:52 02 Jun 2003

I have a Samsung ML1210 laser printer which I see E-buyer are doing for about £90. It's really cheap to run especially as I've now started refilling the toner myself.

You can buy a scanner for about £50. They often come with software to be able to use them easily as a photocopier.

OK, they may not be quite as robust as a heavyweight photocopier or the system your supplier is suggesting but you can buy an awful lost of these combinations (new) for the same amount as your four year old secondhand stuff from your supplier.

I've had the ML1210 for about nine months now and it has worked extremely hard without a single complaint either from me or from it.


  BeesFan 07:22 03 Jun 2003

As you are not contemplating buying a new system may I suggest you search E-Bay under photocopiers and look at all the ex-lease machines. There are several dealers there selling 2-3 year old machines for a fraction of the £1500 you are being quoted.

Im selfemployed and got my copier with PC interface from this means and it has proved faultless.

  -pops- 08:06 03 Jun 2003

In my post above "an awful lost" should, of course be "an awful lot".

Sorry about that.


  ricvic 08:54 03 Jun 2003

Thank you for all your comments.
They seem to bear out my intuition.
I can therefore go back to Danka ready to do serious business.

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