AngeTheHippy 14:48 05 Sep 2004

Hi all, on this bright, bally hot day. Any readers here use Eclipse as their BB provider? I've currently got another discussion going over on helproom "My BB constantly disconnecting..." regarding them. I only went BB in July, and at first all was fine, but EVERY night and late evening I'm disconnected time and time again. I've had BT test the line - only been with BT since June 2004, and they said absolutely NO probs there. Anyway, I would like your input re. Eclipse. I only chose them because they topped the 'best provider' list on for about 4 months running - they're not the cheepest by far, either!


  AngeTheHippy 19:01 05 Sep 2004

smokingbeagle┬▓, I take on board what yr saying mate, and have raised this prob twice on ticketing at eclipse - they suggested diagnostics which I've tried to no avail. Downloaded latest drivers got modem when I first got it. Just tried yr 17070 suggestion, no probs there. Don't you think though, it's REALLY STRANGE that it ONLY happens later evenings, during nightime? It CAN'T be... OHH! just happened first time today, dropped the line. I've not powered down since 07:15 this morning...I think I'll get the powered USB anyway, the're not too expensive and I get extra ports into the bargain.
infamous: Yeah, will exhaust all avenues then buy the new modem. It's really weird though, this.


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