Eclipse Computers, Coventry - buyer beware

  Haysi 16:20 04 Nov 2005

Bought a 'kit' PC off them and after quite a wait for delivery, when assembled, the PC had problems finding the hard drive at start-up, usually needs several re-boots before it recognises it, I don't have facilities to narrow it down any further than drive or mainboard and Eclipse have been no help at all, the standard suggestion when you phone them is 'get up-dated drivers' - no offer to replace any parts or anything, while trying to trace the problem I used a number of different diagnostic software and this revealed that the graphics card that they claim is 128Mb only has 32Mb and RAM that they list as 400Mhz PC3200 is identified by diagnostic software as 333Mhz PC2700.
I was advised that I could return everything for a refund under both the 'distance selling regulations' and 'the sale of goods act' but they will not respond to letters, faxes or email and phoning them is a waste of time, the last person I tried to speak to put the phone down on me.

  Stuartli 16:36 04 Nov 2005

If you bought your system by credit card, contact the company immediately and provide all the facts; might also be worth getting in touch with Trading Standards.

  c4rmo 16:59 04 Nov 2005

i used to work there in tech support

The company is a joke basically i didnt agree with any of there policies and often agreed with the customers

i would contact trading standards

  Aconsumer 12:52 07 Nov 2005

Same problems as Haysi. Eclipse sent me a power supply that doesn't have the features advertised on the web shop: 8cm fan instead of 12cm. No SATA. No CE mark. No obvious auto fan control. Fewer connectors than advertised. They do not reply to emails. Not only do they not answer the phone, the recorded message every time says you are number one in the queue, which keeps you waiting on an 0870 number. I think this is a clear issue for trading standards on two counts and possibly three: wrongly advertised product; selling non certified product; possibly making money unfairly on the telephone. I won't go near them again.

  Haysi 14:56 07 Nov 2005

Tried 'consumerdirect' and they seem quite helpful, I have already contacted Eclipse by recorded delivery once but they suggested I should try again and if I get no response from that they say they will look into it and also pass it on to trading standards.

  Aconsumer 15:01 07 Nov 2005

Thanks. This link also appears to be a convenient way of making a complaint to trading standards.

click here

  diyclown 14:25 16 Feb 2006

after waiting almost 12 weeks and missing the Christmas pressie deadline I start preparing my case for the small claims court next. multiple emails and phone calls have resulted in no response. They got the case I posted (I think)but they never got the goods that were carefully wrapped inside the case. Thank good I have a witness to the posting.
I suggest that buyers buy locally so that they can confront these type of dealers

  Haysi 14:40 16 Feb 2006

After 4 months I finally got my money back from Eclipse just before the start of the main proceedings in the small claims court, funnily enough they start talking to you when they get the documents from the court, one guy, who was supposed to be the manager, kept telling me he was 'very aggrieved' - somehow it all seemed to be my fault according to him.

  doc999 16:16 16 Feb 2006

I have found a few local shops that i use, i may pay £5-£10 more but it's easy if their are any problems that way. I bought from Maplin recently and when i had a problem they replaced the part on the spot.

  diyclown 15:49 21 Feb 2006

After three months trying to get my money back from the broken goods they sent me,which I had to post back at my expense I made a loss of £30.
It just isnt worth the effort dealing with this company. Thier refusal to reply,thier devious nature to constantly not accept any liability regardless of your request for clarity.Im just going to forget the £30 and buy locally.

  doc999 17:28 21 Feb 2006

Well u can always spread the good word here and on other forums, to let others know about companies that may or may not try to shaft the consumer!

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