eBUYER.COM - the saga continues

  Fcotw2003 08:47 18 Mar 2003

Hi guys, this is what I wrote to ebuyer on the 6th of march, no response as yet.
Dear Sir/Madam
I kindly ask you to look at my case presented below and consider some form of compensation.
Ebuyer was recommended to me by a friend. I therefore placed 2 orders with yourself, which arrived within the specified timeframe. After incorporating the components into my system, I discovered 2 items were faulty. The harddrive and the cd writer.
Disappointed ,naturally ,but eager to rectify the situation, I set out to request RMA’s etc. Things do happen, items can be faulty, and yes, even the turnaround time of 10-14 days is acceptable. It did not put me off ebuyer at all !
RMA’s were quickly accepted, and relevant RMA sub no issued. I followed your advice re harddrive replacement to contact Hitachi Europe direct, who are located in the NETHERLANDS.
Now, 5 weeks later, I am still without a cdwriter or a harddrive. Yes, I did receive a credit for the item from you last week and an apology from Hitachy Europe for the delay in sending out a replacement harddrive.
However , the refund went straight back on my credit card, and I’m still waiting for my harddrive to arrive and to source and buy another cdwriter , in addition , I’m out of pocket as well (£14.77) for sending the faulty hardware to be replaced in the first place.
To summerise: After 5 weeks I.m still without a working computer and out of pocket.
I would have hoped you credit me with ebuyer (not refunded my credit card) for the £65 +£14.77 for me to choose replacements, perhaps add an extra £20 for the inconvenience, and to keep me still as a valued customer for the future. Instead I’m frustrated and feel “fopped of” (“...your refund has been placed, RMA is now closed, please check your credit card for details ...")
I would ask you again to check the case and give my suggestion or an alternative some consideration.
Looking forward to your reply.

My harddrive finally arrived and I'm back to normal, however at least a response from ebuyer would be nice and professional.

Thanks for reading.

  Stuartli 11:25 18 Mar 2003

If you paid by credit card and the amount was at least £100, contact the credit card company.

On two occasions in the last 12 months I have had to do this with items costing £187 and £759 - in both cases, after the firms concerned failed to collect the faulty items, Visa paid my carriage costs and refunded the amount spent.

If enough people have problems with a company then the credit card companies come down hard on them - it costs them money to sort out such matters.

  Eagie 12:38 18 Mar 2003

I don't understand your complaint about the money being refunded to your credit card. This is surely a good thing as not only can you choose how to replace the faulty items but also who you buy them from rather than being compelled to use a company you are disillusioned with. You can of course choose ebuyer and use your credit card, which would be exactly the same as if they just credited your ebuyer account.

However, I do agree with you that your postage should be refunded - after all it is not your fault the items had to be returned. I doubt they’ll give you £20 – if they turn that idea down why not ask for them to throw in some CD-RWs to go with your drive when you get one?

Good luck anyway.

  Fcotw2003 10:24 19 Mar 2003

Thanks for the reply,
that is all I want, reimbursement for the p&p
and acknowledgement from ebuyer re inconvenience
The complaint was raised on the 6th of march via their E-NOTE SYSTEM, it was assigned to 2 different staff members, but NO response as yet.


  Kyomii 06:06 21 Mar 2003

>>>>However, I do agree with you that your postage should be refunded - after all it is not your fault the items had to be returned. <<<

I think it is in ebuyer terms and conditions, which should be read before any purchase, who is responsible for cost of carraige on return.

I understand about the carraige issue, but there is another side to the argument:

If you drove 10 miles to purchase an item from a store, and the item was faulty, what would you do?

You would probably ring the store, who would ask you to bring the part back in, and promptly drive back to the store for a replacement. Problem solved.

However, you would be unlikely to ask for refund for petrol used. Many people jump in cars/buses to take a faulty item back and don't ask for refund of travel/petrol costs - and neither is the store expected to refund them either.

A ten mile journey would work out at 40 miles if you had to take the product back, but the store is not liable, so, why do people feel that this is any different?

This is just a query, BTW, because travelling costs very seldom get taken into consideration in such cases, yet postage costs do.

  Eagie 08:33 21 Mar 2003

I understand your point - but maybe we let companies off too easily and we should ask for some sort of compensation for inconvenience and expenses caused in other situations too.

Previously I have asked for a refund for telephone expenses from Freeserve when my ADSL modem failed and had to phone their helpline repeatedly. They agreed that it was a legitimate claim - they also sent me packing with the appropriate postage paid for the return of the faulty item. When my hard drive failed I didn't return to PC World - they came to me. These two companies are more likely keep me as a customer because of this.

Any such compensation doesn't have to be in the form of money. A discount voucher (which means they will retain you as a customer) or, as I suggested in this case, a small token gesture that doesn't cost the company too much (espeically when you look at the cost price)shows a little thought and care.

  Fcotw2003 12:24 21 Mar 2003

I agree,
Any form of compansation will more than likely keep you as customer for the future. It also demonstrates committment and understanding from a company such as EBUYER.COM towards the inconvenience caused by returns.

I do hope, Kevin Stone Customer Support Supervisor at Ebuyer UK Ltd reads this

Kevin, enote 79704 , thanks mate

  Kyomii 06:19 23 Mar 2003

I do see your point, but, for example, if it states in the terms and conditions who is responsible for carraige on return, and the customer (no-one in particular) makes the decision to purchase from a specific company after taking their T and C's into consideration, then really they have no cause for complaint when they have to pay the carriage on return if that is what it states in the T and C's.

There are many online hardware retailers who have similar T and C's to ebuyer, and I think that people should always read these thoroughly before parting with any money as it can save a lot of misunderstandings when something goes wrong.

I am not saying that ebuyer's terms and conditions are right or wrong BTW - just that is pays in more ways than one to get into the habit of reading the T and C's of any company if intending to make a purchase online.

  Coaster3 14:39 23 Mar 2003

I think that Ebuyer's policy is to make it so difficult to contact them that the average person will eventually give up.

They do not seem to care about their customers at all.

I bought a Canon printer from the 6 month ago and it has gone wrong. They are simply refusing to discuss the matter with me.

  Fcotw2003 08:11 24 Mar 2003

Issue resolved now,
my p&p cost have also been refunded. Case closed, lesson learned.
Bought a CDwriter from Dabs, arrived within 2 days, works fine.

  Eagie 08:47 24 Mar 2003

Glad to hear that there is a happy ending to your story!

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