pepe 10:16 07 Feb 2003

I would advise abyone to consider carefully other options before using ebuyer for purchases. I ordered a piece of in stock software on 02/02/03,for delivery before 06/02/03. My credit card was debited the full amount on 02/02/03, and needless to say the item has not arrived. The support line telephone number is permantly engaged (surprise!!) and when you do get through you are directed to a connection that rings about 10 times and automatically disengages. There is no email address, only an "enote" system, which surprise surprise does not get an answer. Once again, steer well clear, they may be cheap, but not if they don't deliver.

  medicine hat 11:16 07 Feb 2003

I have today received one order placed this week, but the 'next day delivery' order has not been despatched. Have called several times today to query - the first call was cut off (I have become used to their staff doing this so it was not a surprise) but now I am unable to get through. I am hoping that it is simply that their phone queue is temporarily full, so I'm just getting an engaged tone, rather than something more sinister

  nightporter 11:19 07 Feb 2003

I've used Ebuyer several times and never had any problems. I understand your frustration, but its unfair to tarnish a companys name from one bad experience, PC Advisor probably wont like the tone of your post either.

  Coaster3 11:24 07 Feb 2003

I've used eBuyer on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed yet.

They may be a bit slow at times but they always come through in the end and you will have to search long and hard to beat their prices.

  cream. 11:28 07 Feb 2003

Sorry you have had problems pepe.

I have used them on a few occasions, got a delivery this wednesday 24 hr service.

I personally think that their order and delv. service is first class.

But as with every thing you never know till things go wrong.

I intend and will use this firm for future purchases.

  reddwarf 12:18 07 Feb 2003

I have used ebuyer on many occasions with no complaints at all. I have even gone through a returns proceedure successfully.

  pepe 12:53 07 Feb 2003

To nightporter

This forum is for gripes or praise. I had a gripe and posted it. fell free to post your experiences, but leave what pc advisor likes or dislikes to the moderator. Do a search for ebuyer in this forum and you will see a list as long as your arm, mostly covering the points I raised in my post and mostly from dissatisfied customers.

Be lucky

  nightporter 13:13 07 Feb 2003

Libellous or defamatory comment - please do not exhort others to boycott a company that provided you with bad service or products.

  pepe 13:46 07 Feb 2003

To Nightporter

A libel only happens when something stated is untrue. I set out the facts as they occurred in my case only. I consider that eBuyer have entered into a contract with me, when they took my money. to deliver the goods by the stated date, or inform me via email or their own enote system as to the reason for the delay, as stated in their terms and conditions. If you want to be a moderator conact PC advisor, otherwise keep your remarks to yourself.

  Goldcroft 14:41 07 Feb 2003

Why is everybody jumping on Pepe. I have read his original posting and it is very similar to dozens complaining about bad service etc, warning others and suggesting they think twice before using a company. Disagree if you like, as other contributors have, but it's an open forum and what gives Nightporter the right to infer that PCA might not be pleased. The PCA is big enough to speak for itself.

  Muzziad 15:08 07 Feb 2003

I've had a similar experience to Pepe. Ordered an 'in stock' item, paid for next day delivery, 8 days later I still hadn't got it. Couldn't contact eBuyer by phone or by e-note, so cancelled the order.

I am in the process of buying components for a completely new computer. Not one item will be purchased from eBuyer even if they are a few quid cheaper than somewhere else.

Personally I think their service is shoddy.

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