ebuyer and their outrageous pricing.....

  Hachi-Roku 02:10 29 May 2003

i cannot believe just about 1.5 weeks ago, i built myself a new computer by buying all the parts from ebuyer!! at that time the AMD XP2800 was around £180 so i brought that!! now, today whilst looking on ebuyer, i find that the price of this chip has gone down by £50 but the XP3000 which was way over £350 back then is now £200, just £20 more of what i brought the 2800!! around £150 price drop!! i must say that this is so out of order and i knew something like this was going to happen! you buy something that you think its a good price for, yet something better comes down to roughly the same in just a matter of weeks!! but in 1.5 weeks time!! thats a bit too quick and silly if you ask me!! oh well!! if anyone is looking to buy a AMD XP chip and a fast one too, the 3000 is avaliable at quite a good price now so better hurry up and get it otherwise the price might rise up again! its a good chance for some people as well and unlucky for some namely myself lol! but really, im still happy with my purchase! i just cant belive this though!

  mikef™ 02:35 29 May 2003

AMD announced a couple of days ago that their prices were being reduced by up to 32% click here so all that ebuyer are doing is reducing their prices in line and in fact should be congratulated by acting so quickly.

  Hachi-Roku 02:40 29 May 2003

oh ok thanks for the info on that!! but it just had to happen now!

  Hachi-Roku 02:43 29 May 2003

oh yeah, though the AMD pricing has now been explained, explain this! a friend of mine told me that there was a maxtor 60gb udma133 hard drive for £64.02 and 80gb version £65.08! nows thats an extra 20GB for £1.06! what would you say about that lol!!!

  jediknight007 02:50 29 May 2003

Hello! How nice to see my fellow PCA members fully active and well in the wee hours of the morning! Just preparing my breakfast now. Now, Hachi-Roku, isn't this a case of deja vu because I just said the exact same thing to a friend of mine! Could you possible provide me with the name of your friend who provided you with the info? What a small world we live in!

  [email protected] 05:48 29 May 2003

Good value for 20GB !!!!

Tesco have buy one packet of nappy wipes get the other free!...................what a sad world I live in.

  stvmor 07:56 29 May 2003

Bucket of laughs!
But seriously, the Trouble is ,as we all know, if we wait for the price to be right, somebody always moves the goal posts. This is especialy true in hi-tech markets. Now do I go for ASI 9500 or 9700 or do I wait a couple of weeks till the 9800 is cheaper or..............................

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:20 29 May 2003

There is nothing outrageous about this at all, its just economics. You were happy to pay that amount you did for the parts you did at the time you did so you have to accept that the price paid was the one the market determined was correct.

You've not been over charged, you know how to use the Internet so anything you bought could've been 'price checked' at numerous websites and so no-one has ripped you off.

With anything IT related its best to buy what you want and then stop looking. Newer and faster and cheaper stuff will always be available.

  anchor 10:01 29 May 2003

Even I had heard the rumour that prices were about to drop; and that was 2 to 3 weeks ago.

I know that you must feel as "sick as a parrot", but my advise is not to dwell on it, just enjoy your new computer. As Sir Radfordin™ says, thats how things go in the market place.

  leo49 11:45 29 May 2003

And all the folk who rushed to pay over the odds for 'Barton' chips will I daresay be even sicker in the Autumn when AMD roll out the first of the 64-bit chips, and 32-bit chip prices fall again.

You've got to be careful that you're comparing Apples with Apples where Maxtor drives are concerned as they come in a variety of flavours eg Diamondmax16, Diamondmax Plus 9, Diamondmax Plus 8,etc, all covering the same range of capacities.

  Rayuk 11:51 29 May 2003

Checked prices for AthlonXP cpus last Friday night as was going to Bowlers Sat.

Checked prices Sat am before going and the price for the 2600 had dropped from £110 to £82 at Scan.

At Bowlers cheapest 2600+[oem] I saw was £95-99 so didnt buy and as I was prepared to pay £110 Fri night for 2600 decided to get 2700+[retail] for same price.

If I hadnt checked Sat morning you can assume I would have been a little miffed if I had bought at that price

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