Ebuyer Terrible Service when things go Wrong

  Frank Rizzo 11:02 04 May 2006

First, I suspect that Forum Editor will be the first to reply singing the praises of Ebuyer. You have to wonder if Ebuyer are a major advertisor here or something...

I avoided Ebuyer for many years. Their service around 2003 was poor.

In 2005 I tried them but had delivery problems - pay for next day deliver but it doesn't turn up.

A year later I just put that down to bad luck but this year it's happened again.

I order parts on a Thursday, pay for next day delivery but only half the stuff arrives Friday with the rest arriving the following Tuesday. Not only that but a motherboard was damaged and a PSU was "missing".

FACT1. Ebuyer staff do not speak the truth on the phone. It is very easy to catch them out when they try to fob you off. Prepare your questions and replies before you phone them and you can tell that they are covering up mistakes.

FACT2. They will always blame someone else such as City Link for problems when infact City Link are helpful.

Ebuyer's website said that 4 parcels had been 'loaded on the van' and on route to my local depot. City Link only picked up 2 parcels and yet Ebuyer say 4 were picked up.

With all the computers and tracking info these days why don't Ebuyer just admit they have problems and can't cope? Why do they lie that City Link picked up 4 parcels when only 2 were?

Why can't Ebuyer speak honestly on the phone? Why don't they put their hand up and say "We're sorry, not all your items could be sourced today so we are sending you 2 parcels now and 2 on Tuesday". Why do we have to get the bull**** reply that 'Sir, Citylink took all 4 parcels"?

Another cop out is that they hide behind the 48 hour rule. If something is missing then they insist that you wait 48 hours before complaining. Clearly this is just to buy them time.

I am now missing a PSU but had to go through the same weasel words fromt the call centre staff. It's now 168 hours since the order was placed and I got the same "We'll check with Citylink, I'm just checking the warehouse, I'm just checking with the manager..." Now I have to wait for the Missing Items department to contact me.

Ebuyer are just about unbeatable on prices. But is it worth the hassle? Is it really worth saving 2-3% over Dabs, or 5%-10% from other suppliers when so much can go wrong?

Other companies have problems too. But Ebuyer really are the worst when it comes to sorting it out.

Oh, and NEVER pay for next day delivery for multiple items. It's just not going to happen.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:09 04 May 2006

'First, I suspect that Forum Editor will be the first to reply singing the praises of Ebuyer. You have to wonder if Ebuyer are a major advertisor here or something...'....talk about getting off on the wrong foot /eyes raise I'm afraid that comments dilutes the rest of your rant and makes me consider it's validity.


  Frank Rizzo 11:15 04 May 2006

That's just my opinion of scanning this forum. I see complaints about Ebuyer, I see Forum Editor jumping in defending them.

Do you think my experience I have posted about Ebuyer is made up?

Would you like to phone them and sort it out on my behalf?

  Belatucadrus 11:30 04 May 2006

Ebuyer are just about unbeatable on prices. But is it worth the hassle?
As many other here I've used ebuyer for some years and have never had any problems, so in my case at least there is no hassle.
As to their lying to you on the phone, very unlikely. They may well be wrong and passing on duff info from the screen, but that's not lying.
"Prepare your questions" good suggestion, when sorting out a delivery problem with any supplier, get your facts straight and be ready to supply order numbers, delivery numbers etc. Most customer service staff want to help and cogent presentation of data helps more than anger, which is pretty well guaranteed to rub them up the wrong way and is counter-productive.
GANDALF <|:-)> is quite right, to start a post by suggesting that the FE is biassed or can be bought off is a pretty good way of getting axed as well as losing credibility.

  Shortstop 11:39 04 May 2006

but I have never had anything other than exceptional service from Ebuyer with all goods ordered being received - and frequently earlier than usual [I am a known cheapskate and use the lowest cost to decide delivery as time is not critical to me].

I think that it is at least unfair, possibly rude, to imply that FE sides on whoever pays for advertising & I have seen threads deleted for iml;. As GANDALF <|:-)> says, not exactly starting on the right foot with the silver deleting mouse! I'm surprised that G was able to hold himself back from further comment. I have frequently seen FE stand up for the Consumer against big companies [who DO advertise] when the facts are clear and concise and indisputabl. How do you know that citylink are not mis-reading the situation?

I won't be phoning Ebuyer on your behalf - don't see why you expect someone else to sort out your own mess - but I do know that I have had terrible issues when trying to return faulty goods to Dabs.com that was only resolved by a friend of mine who, for a living, inspects, investigates and delves into Hard Drives for HM government. The drive was second-hand and I could not get a Return Authorisation for love or money.

So I guess we all have our own experiences ......


  Frank Rizzo 11:47 04 May 2006

I'm not implying that FE is bought off. I just find it strange that he's placed over 160 orders and never had a problem and that he seems to be very quick to reply to anti Ebuyer threads.

One other point. All those who come on here saying 'I ordered a Mouse from Ebuyer and I never had any problems with them' does not mean that the company are 100% great.

How about some replies from people who have ordered from Ebuyer, have not had items delivered but still think their service is excellent?

That's the whole point here. Ebuyer are great for prices and have a decent range of. But when things go wrong their service is dire.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 04 May 2006

Putting it into context...I have used Ebuyer over 70 times with no problems apart from a printer sent that was the wrong one. The return went smoothly and telesupport was excellent but the new and correct model was lost in transit. Oddly enough it was CityLink that claimed that Ebuyer had never given them the second printer and after 3 days I had a visit from a villager who lives half a mile down the road. She had left 3 messages on my moby to say that she had the printer but it was too heavy for her. Unfortunately she had the wrong mobile number. So CL had delivered but to the wrong address. How can you therefore be so sure that CL are correct in their assertions.

PCWorld comes in for a lot of stick but I have bought over 90 laptops and computers from them over the last 4 years and have always been treated courteously and on the few occasions that I have had to return peripherals, have always had a quick refund or exchange. I use 3 PCW stores...naturally I always defend them as my experience has always been good. It may come a s a shock to some here but when returning goods I am always exceedingly polite, never get ruffled, never shout at the staff (unlike many of the knuckle-dragger's that I have seen giving the staff a hard time) and if I feel that the member of staff is out of their depth I suggest that I speak to someone else (politely). It always seems to work for me.


  Stuartli 12:21 04 May 2006

>>First, I suspect that Forum Editor will be the first to reply singing the praises of Ebuyer. You have to wonder if Ebuyer are a major advertisor here or something...>>

You ought to be ashamed of yourself for making such an unwarranted and unsubstantiated statement.

Any journalist worth his salt - and I rate the FE in that category - would ever be swayed by advertising for any reason.

  rmcqua 12:24 04 May 2006

I ordered several items together from EBuyer earlier this year. The delivery was split into two (for warehousing reasons, I assume). The majority arrived the next day. The missing item (an HDD) didn't arrive. I called EBuyer, I assume they checked with their delivery contractor, and a replacement HDD was with me in 2 days. Obviously, I would have preferred to have received all the items together, correctly, but in view of what happened they sorted it out quickly and painlessly.

  Shortstop 12:27 04 May 2006

"I am always exceedingly polite, never get ruffled, never shout at the staff" - GANDALF <|:-)> are you sure?!?!?!?!? - lol.

Seriously though, I have always believed that you treat others as you would want to be treated and, like GANDALF <|:-)> I have had little issue in returns with Ebuyer. As I said, I cannot say the same for Dabs.com - but I fully appreciate that this is my personal exp[erience. With their size, I doubt Dabs.com have that many dissatisfied customers or they wouldn't be able to survive ......


  The Spires 12:28 04 May 2006

I've bought items off the net for ten years now, I have had very few problems, any I have had have been sorted. I think that the way you conduct yourself when phoning or emailing a company has a very large effect on the outcome. Frank Rizzo if your attitude on the phone is anything like your posting style I'm not suprised you have problems. If you assume that the lass or lad on the other end of the phone is lying you are not going to see their best side (I would terminate your call). I use the net extensivly for buying & 95% + of my purchases are problem free.

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