Is EBuyer taking the xxxx

  Beas-Knees 22:19 06 Dec 2004

I was after buying some products from e buyer last night but one item (a monitor) was out of stock so i decided to wait until today in case they got a delivery. Out of the 5 items i chose 4 have gone up quite significantly overnight although all the items were in stock last night with sufficient quantities,fair enough if they have received new stock and their prices have increased but that is not the case.I know business is business but don't you think they are taking the xxxx.

  Sapins 22:32 06 Dec 2004

Why would EBuyer take the rise?

  Lead 22:40 06 Dec 2004

Business is business I guess and the prices of goods vary with supply and demand, but as rapidly as overnight? Plausable I guess, annoying definitely. Something similar happened to me recently.

A few months ago I was in the market for a miniSD card. Ebuyer had them in stock at £60, but I delayed placing my order and they all went.

A few days later they got more stock in, but the price had rocketted to over £120! So I didn't buy. (Memory prices fluctuate wildly and miniSD cards were relatively new and in short supply, so it's not total surprising.)

Anyway, I waited and waited and a few weeks later they got more in at £60 again. So I jumped at the offer and ordered 2! :)

  Beas-Knees 22:40 06 Dec 2004

WHAT RISE-The items have been in stock all the time as i stated,i was waiting to see if a monitor would come back in stock, it hasn't but my 2nd choice that has been in stock ALL the time has gone up a tenner overnight,A keyboard & mouse combo that has been in stock ALL the time has gone up six pound, a Digital camera that has been in stock ALL the time has gone up six pounds.A hi-fi system that has been in stock ALL the time has gone up twenty pounds. GET IT.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:24 06 Dec 2004

You will recover from is called 'Market Force Economics' and Keynes wrote a very good precis of it.


  [email protected] 00:26 07 Dec 2004

I suppose it is because they know that people are willing to spend more this time of the year so that they can get their products for Christmas, therefore they can make more money so why not?

I recently ordered a monitor off them for £270 less than 2 weeks ago. The same monitor is now £300!

  Forum Editor 00:50 07 Dec 2004

If you don't like the prices then don't buy from that company, go somewhere else. Any business can increas its prices overnight if it wishes to do so - it's a commercial decision, and they'll either lose business to the competition or they won't. There's not much more to be said is there?

  Belatucadrus 11:01 07 Dec 2004

Yes e-buyer prices go up, I recently bought a PC case that went up 50% a week later. But they also go down, so I'm not going to blow a fuse and it's easy enough to use to compare with other outlets. e-buyer definitely have their faults, mainly on the customer service side, their responses to e-notes are usually slow and somewhat ineffective (Thank you for contacting E buyer Customer Support Team.
I have forwarded your e note through to one of our product managers. Once I have received confirmation from them I will get back in contact.) at this point things usually stall. But most of the time their prices are the best and the deliveries are fine and I'll continue to use them.

  vaughan007 11:34 07 Dec 2004

Its not just Ebuyer that does this.

Most (if not all) companies do this.

You can get caught out both prices going up before you buy and prices going down after you buy!

I have been caught out myself a few times.

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