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  Marko797 18:51 22 Jun 2008

Just been to try n order something on the above. Series of boxed messages (8 or 9) received stating that "security for this site has been revoked". Is this a glitch, or has the site been hacked, or what?

Am opting not to deal until this has been rectified.

  chub_tor 18:57 22 Jun 2008

Just checked on Firefox and IE7, no problem here.

  Marko797 18:59 22 Jun 2008

when I selected my item, and proceeded to check-out, and entered the https zone. This is when the strange boxes appeared, which then caused internal alarm bells.

  Forum Editor 19:03 22 Jun 2008

that the security certificate was obtained or used fraudulently by the website, but that's not going to be the reason in this instance.

It's possible for the encryption key that is specified in the certificate to be compromised in some way, and sometimes that happens if a company changes hands. The certification companies keep a lists of revoked certificates and your browser is probably checking such a list, and showing you the message. It's almost certainly a glitch of some sort - Ebuyer is a highly reputable company - but you must obviously make your own decisions about security. I'm sure the problem will be fixed soon.

  chub_tor 19:09 22 Jun 2008

OK I didn't try that, just went to the site. Let me go back and try to buy. Right got right through the procedure to the https and no strange boxes. Perhaps it was a glitch. I would try again.

  Marko797 19:09 22 Jun 2008

I don't doubt ebuyer by any means, as I've dealt with them in the past, and have no reason not to have any trust in them. Like you say, they are reputable.

My first attempt was via AOL, then based on comment from chub, I tried thru IE7. The top bar also indicated that content had been blocked for security reasons.

I think I'll wait until things are sorted with the site before I start putting in any c/card info though.

Just thought I'd bring it to others attention.

  Marko797 07:38 24 Jun 2008

to ebuyer. They weren't aware. I made my order over the fone. I'll mark as resolved.

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