Ebuyer service (or otherwise)

  Exco 20:26 27 Apr 2005

I recently purchased a monitor from Ebuyer. It was due to arrive on Friday, 15th April. It didn't.

On Tuesday, I put up one of their enotes asking where it was.

Their reply was an email telling me to expect a reply to the enote within 7 days.

Enough said I think.

  spuds 23:22 27 Apr 2005

eBuyer have returned to a customer telephone service, why not give them a call on 0845 114 5000.

Customer advice and enote information click here==

  phoenix198 09:06 08 May 2005

Their response time for requests to RMA is just as bad. Requested an RMA for a faulty graphics card late pm Wed 4 Mar - no response by close of business Fri 6 Mar.

For heaven's sake, how long does it take to answer yes or no and allocate an RMA number accordingly?

  Totally-braindead 11:47 08 May 2005

What you have said phoenix198 and Exco are exactly the reasons I don't buy from them, I go elsewhere and get better service.

  andman123 16:21 27 Jul 2005

Another moan and a lesson learned. Previously had great service from Ebuyer. Then one BIG let down earlier this year. And now another one. Is it because I spend little, so am insignificant?

Customer service looks like it's low on Ebuyer's list of priorities. I purchased a set of speakers on Thursday last week, paid extra for Saturday delivery. Nothing came, no email either. Nothing arrived Monday, or Tuesday. Still nothing from Ebuyer. So I contacted the company. It had a "warehouse relocation," so my delivery was delayed. Great! I sat in all morning on Saturday waiting for a delivery. Ebuyer MUST have known about this relocation, but was happy to take my money knowing it couldn't deliver.

Well, this insignificant customer is mentioning this tale to other insignificant customers.

Oh and got the product from Dabs. Ordered yesterday, here this morning. Service. Hope you're reading this Ebuyer and wake up!

  Dizzy Bob 18:08 27 Jul 2005

Ordered 512MB SD Card from ebuyer, £19 incl free delivery. Delivery quoted for tuesday, duly arrives Tuesday. I regularly use and recommend them, and haven'e been let down yet.

Born lucky i guess!

  Forum Editor 01:11 28 Jul 2005

I have dealt with Ebuyer on a regular basis over quite a long period. I have never once had a problem with the company, and my guess is that most people would say the same.

Obviously there will be some who have a bad experience, and unfortunately you're one of them. That doesn't excuse the sweeping adverse comments in the post which I just deleted however. By all means express your dissatisfaction here, but don't resort to the use of such extravagant language again - if you do I'll delete the whole thread.

  Exco 08:34 28 Jul 2005

A couple of years ago, I bought 5 sticks of memory from Ebuyer. They were all faulty.

I returned all 5 and was credited with 1. Although I emailed them and wrote to them, I never got the money back for the other 4 sticks.

God only knows why I deal with them. I certainly won't in future.

  Jdoki 12:20 28 Jul 2005

I know it is no consolation to those that have had bad experiences, but I have always had a great service from them.

On a number of occasions I have received emails stating that they will be delivering an item earlier than on the original order. And I've never had any problems the couple of times I've had to contact Customer Services.

I have been using them for years, mainly for small value orders.

  pj123 12:27 28 Jul 2005

I use Ebuyer regularly (and have recommended others). None of us have had any problems. I'd be the first to know if anyone I recommended had a problem. As the FE says there will always be a few glitches wherever you shop. Generally we only hear about grievances, not praises.

  Newuser4165 13:15 28 Jul 2005

Ebuyer customer services phone number has changed to 0845 1461720

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