EBuyer Returns works v well

  Ancient Learner 20:28 16 Aug 2007

I bought a Coolermaster eXtreme Power 650W PSU some weeks ago from them. After a few weeks it decided that it was too quiet, and started rattling. Nearly drove me mad after an hour!

The young man I found in Yellow pages did the installation, and then came along and removed it for me very kindly lending me another PSU whilst I sent it off.

I simply followed the instructions on the web site, and took it to the Post Office on Monday afternoon (13th); Wednesday I received an Email to say the it was faulty and they were sending a replacement. This arrived this morning (Thursday).

Truly amazing service!

  RobCharles1981 21:22 16 Aug 2007

Ebuyer are top notch in what they do every credit to them.

  BioBob 01:29 17 Aug 2007

I must admit they are getting better and component pricing is good. I'd recommend them.

  Pegasus. 12:43 17 Aug 2007

Ebuyer are The Best (at the moment)!

I had been planning on Building Myself a New Computer (then My Son Dropped His, so He needs a New one as well), We checked All the Prices (at as many Sites/Shops as We could find), ended up Ordering Everything from Ebuyer!

The last of the Componants are due Monday 20th!

Then I will be able to build 2 Computers (for only £100 more than one 'ready-built' System would cost!).


I even managed to Knock £100 off the list of Prices that I made @1 month ago!

  Totally-braindead 15:58 17 Aug 2007

You're lucky. I'm afraid I found them worse than useless and wouldn't use them again.

Have to say thats a quick replacement time though.

  spuds 16:26 17 Aug 2007

I have used Ebuyer for ages, and never had a real problem, and would recommend them. But a word of warning if you require items as an urgency, do not rely on rapid service if you use the 'free delivery' option (items over a certain value). This service depends on Ebuyers discretion of dispatch, even though it states 'within 5 days', sometimes it can take 9 days.

  LastChip 22:28 18 Aug 2007

ebuyer get far more right, than they get wrong.

I've been using them for many years now and on the whole, they perform very well. When you are processing hundreds of components each day, inevitably, some will go wrong.

Most people complain when they can't speak to anyone, but if you want that sort of service, go to your local computer store and pay the price that level of support costs.

Only last week, I had to return a damaged component; not ebuyers fault, it was damaged in transit. The RMA system was a non-event. I followed the procedure and about a week later, I had a replacement. Can't ask for more than that.

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