Ebuyer and returns?

  Legolas 10:51 21 Aug 2004

I have just received a faulty m/b from ebuyer it refuses to boot. So I decided to send it back. I noticed that ebuyer require you to sent it back in the original packaging etc. They also require me to pay for this.

I am not positive but I thought under the sale of goods act

a)The comsumer should not be out of pocket when returning faulty goods and

b)Faulty goods need not be returned by the consumer they can choose to have them uplifted.

Can anyone confirm this as true or not.

  spuds 13:05 21 Aug 2004

You will find your rights here click here

I am not sure how ebuyer work it,as I have never sent anything back yet, but usually they will supply a RMA number, before they will except any returns.In some cases,dealers either provide a pre-paid sticker for download, and in other cases you pay to send the item back. If it is found faulty, then the postage and delivery charges are refunded in full.Best to check via ebuyer e-note system.

  rickf 13:30 21 Aug 2004

Get the RMA and make sure it is written prominently on the outside of the packaging and take it from there. As said, if it is faulty they will refund.

  ensonricky 14:19 21 Aug 2004

See post from Aspman click here

  Legolas 16:43 21 Aug 2004

Thanks all. It seems I will get the postage reimbursed if the item is found to be faulty although I will have to sent them the postage receipt. But because I asked them for a refund if I was to order another m/b from ebuyer I am still out of pocket as I will need to pay the postage for that. So you win and you lose.

It would also be good if ebuyer made this clear on their web site.

I can only award them 3 stars ;-(

  ensonricky 17:51 21 Aug 2004

The treatment you will get in this respect from Ebuyer is no different to that you will recive from most companies. In fact if you ask Ebuyer they will exchange your faulty motherbord for that of a different make and just charge you the balance if it is more expensive. I did exactly this with a DVD RW.

  newton_rover 11:31 22 Aug 2004

I have returned an item to Ebuyer because they sent the wrong one. The postage was refunded without having to send the receipt or tell them what it cost (I think the total cost was on the Post Office label on the package) and the proper item was sent with no additional postage charged.

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