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  underworldmagic 14:23 15 Mar 2004

I purchased alot of components from eBuyer and they were delivered on time (2nd march). everything was the correct item except for the graphics card, id ordered the Sapphire All in wonder 9800 pro but they sent me the 9600 version which costs about £150 (the one i ordered was £320!!) if it was the other way round i wouldnt be complaining :-)

i have gone through their returns procedure, but till this day i have not heard from them

  byfordr 15:23 15 Mar 2004

Have you filled out a return form with a rma or a enote?

Had to return a faulty product, didn't hear anything for 2 weeks, until I updated the enotes with something to the effect of "please either send a working product or refund my money, or I will contact my credit card company to refuse any invoices" did the trick. Enote was closed and money was refunded.

I opened another one of Saturday because they sent out the wrong cables from what I ordered (unbranded instead of belkin and sony) I'll post back when they have responded.


  bremner 17:47 15 Mar 2004

Within the lasrt month I have just returned a DVD that went wrong after six months.

Sent the e note - got a reply within a few days - completed the RMA request - got a reply with two days - returned the goods - got an acknowledgement of receipt the next day - 8 days later was notified that the drive was defective - three days later a brand new one was delivered.

Ebuyer can and do get it right.

Lets hope that the horror stories are fewer and fewer as they get their act together.

  Forum Editor 18:14 15 Mar 2004

the more I'm impressed with their service. Maybe I've just been lucky, but each order has arrived on time, and in good condition.

I ordered up a fresh stock of ink cartridges on Friday (always an expensive business), and selected the option to have a delivery today (Monday). Right on cue the parcel arrived this morning - one working day later.

I don't think you can fault service like that, although of course there will be problems in any system. I can understand your frustration underworldmagic, and not to have had a response from the company after nearly two weeks is a bit off. Have you followed up on the returns procedure - maybe they need a firm reminder?

  CLOCKMAN 18:31 15 Mar 2004

I purchased some components last year, amongst which was a PC case. They sent the wrong one and I had no problem returning it. They sent a replacement which had a very large dent in the top panel. When I started the return proceedure again my attention was drawn to the conditions relating to charges for goods returned. The possibilty thay they may decide that if the damage was nothing to do with them then I would be charged for the return etc.
Three enotes later I got my refund, but I would not recommend them to anyone.

Forum Editor - I am a little confused by your statement. The fact that they delivered on the day you paid them to should not be a thing of marvel!! That should be the bare minimum for any company who wishes to get repeat business.

My current computer was built from Ebuyer parts in its totallity. However, the first case that arrived had all the mounts missing and the PSU was dead. Trying to return it was painfull, just sheer bloody angst of trying to get them to reply.

Then i had some good dealings with them, some more RAM (well is there such a thing as too much?!) and new Graphics, both delivered on time.

However, ordered a new digital camera and a 128 Mb flash card, paid for express delivery because i needed the camera for work. Courier turns up with a flash card, no camera!! Took me nearly 2 weeks to get the camera from them, and not a hint of an apology. I even had to badger them to refund my delivery charge!!!

Ebuyer can be great, and they can be truly appalling, and i mean dreadfull. Won't answer the phone, take over a week to reply to E Notes, just totall disregard for their customers.

But they are cheap!!

LOL, glutton for punishment!!

  underworldmagic 10:22 16 Mar 2004

I had sent them a enote and got a replt within two house (impressive), but im angry that, even though they have got my returned item they hang around doing nothing. I got priority delivery for all my parts, and there was no reason to do that because all the parts are still in their boxes sitting at home because they sent me the wrong graphics card.

i will contunue to pester them via enotes and get that correct graphics card

  byfordr 11:24 16 Mar 2004

You could try ebuyer customer support on 0870 467 0753. They never seems to answer though! If you do get through tell them I'm after them as well ;-)


  byfordr 15:13 16 Mar 2004

Will email you a number that may be of help! The benefits of caller display!


  bigray 16:17 16 Mar 2004

nightmare company, read some of my coments about them, chasing them at this time for money on returned goods, never again

  byfordr 12:46 25 Mar 2004

Finally sorted out another return with E-Buyer. I ordered some original SONY and Belkin cables, but they sent me unbranded ones instead. Contacted them, had a call back and they sent some more cables the next day. Unfortunately the same wrong ones (must have been a mix up at the warehouse) Took a while for them to respond (and I had to get a bit heavy with them), but today they have updated the enote. I can keep the wrong cables, I'm having the money refunded and free delivery next time. Took about 2 weeks.

Ebuyer have some of the best prices on branded equipment, and very keen prices on unbranded kit. Delivery is normally very quick. The break down in customer service comes with returns. The normally come through in the end, it can just be frustrating dealing with them. These problems with online retailers crop up time after time. One of the prices you pay for having cheap prices I guess!

Still I for one will continue to use them.


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