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  User-8010E2E0-B7E8-4D23-AB7C92BE4D79C246 15:08 02 Jul 2004

I have now been buying computer parts from all sorts of companies, for the past year. I have had no problems with any of them, that is until I came across one Ebuyer.

I placed an order of a motherboard, Athlon processor, and IDE cable on Thursday morning. I selected to pay for next day delivery, as I wanted to make a new PC for my nephew, and gift it to him for his birthday.

I arrived home the next day, and found the package was already there, as expected. However, when I opened it, I realised the processor was missing. I immedeately contacted Ebuyer, hoping for a quick solution to the problem.

I am still waiting for an answer from Ebuyer, but I was wondering if anyone could advise me what else to do to? Will Ebuyer accpet this as their fault, and get me the processor BEFORE my nephews birthday?

Please provide me guidance, as this is the first time I have run into trouble from online retailers.


  rickimalone 15:18 02 Jul 2004

Did anyone sign for the package? what do you mean buy it was already there? I did'nt realise they did next day delivery?

Check on the online order status to see if all goods were dispatched, check the status of you E-NOTE and if you havent signed anything then yes ebuyer will have to replace it.

  rickimalone 15:20 02 Jul 2004

Yes are you in the UK? I have used Ebuyer for a while now and have never seen them offer next day delivery?

  pj123 15:35 02 Jul 2004

I also use Ebuyer quite regularly and have not seen a "next day delivery" service. Give us a clue what it was you ordered then we can check it and see if it included the processor?

I am in the UK, and I ordered the items yesterday around about midday. It's not exactly called next day delivery, but Priority Service or something.

Anyway, my mum recieved the delivery, and when I asked her whether they had signed anything, to my dismay, she said yes! However, she said there was just a piece of paper which told her to put the time and print her name, as well as of course sign it. Ebuyer say that you should sign it as GOODS UNCHECKED.

This is the last time I leave anything this important to a parent!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:54 02 Jul 2004

Ebuyer do have Next Day Delivery. ;-))


Thanks for clearing that up Gandalf :)

Another thing, which may be of use. On my order status, it says 'Pick in progress'. If I check this up, it means the order hasn't been dispatched yet, but is being picked by the company from the warehouse etc.

  ened 17:38 02 Jul 2004

If it says 'Pick in progress'it means they haven't actually registered it as 'Despatched'.
I have received orders from them when the status has still said this.
However they do send out from several locations. Your missing parts will probably arrive tomorrow.

Has this happened to you before then?

On their website, if you read within their FAQS, it says that they will dispatch all products at the same time. If a certain item cannot be obtained, they will delay shipment of everything else until they can get that item.

  georgemac 18:50 02 Jul 2004

If I remeber correctly if the items are being shipped from separate warehouses - which is unusual in my experience - there should be a different coloured dot beside the items on your invoice.

I imagine you have already done this but have you searched the packaging thouroughly? A cpu can quite easily get lost in the packaging - it is worth a good rummage around.

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